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Illegal Regime Lies to ILO About Mistreatment of Unions

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 12 August 2011

Illegal regime revokes FTUC permit two days after telling ILO it's not out to hurt unions or workers

CROCKODILE SMILE: Liar Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum with father-in-law Bill Gavoka out pressing the flesh.
FELLOW LIAR: Bainimarama and ILO.
More proof today that the unelected Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Baimimarama are liars and running scared.

Just days after telling the ILO and the international community they are not trying to destroy the trade union movement, the gruesome pair today stopped the Fiji Trades Union Congress from meeting in Nadi, to discuss the Essential Industries Decree.

Just yesterday Fiji media reported se gana vuli Bainimarama as saying the regime was not trying to ban unions or rob workers of their rights - something his handler Khaiyum had insisted under the same front page banner headlines just days before.

Today, Nadi police moved in to disperse the FTUC's planned three-hour meeting and shuffle people out of the hotel premises, not even allowing them to have morning tea there. 

Fear is no doubt at play and why not? Both know they are despised because of the way they have tried to 'remake' Fiji for the supposed better while they and their own live by their own rules and cash in on the spoils of war, all the while protesting they're misunderstood.

Yesterday at a meeting with the ILO delegation led the Deputy Director General, Guy Ryder, Bainimarama extolled the virtues of his junta saying "reforms are necessary and that the government has not banned trade unions or taken away workers' basic rights."

On Thursday, Sayed Khaiyum claimed misinformation was being spread by several quarters and he wanted to meet the ILO delegation to clarify the "misinformation that has been told to the international community by individuals who have got self interest".

Quote: "Also they will be able to see the various laws put in place and we will clarify any misconception they may have regarding the Decrees."

Using words like "tragically hypocritical", Khaiyum claimed that some unionists who have been going overseas talk about the rule law but are themselves breaking the law.

But the ILO and, indeed, the whole world can see again today that these unelected, gutless wonders intend to keep turning the screws on the people of Fiji, so they can stretch out their time as a pretend government.

Woe the international teams to Fiji who buy into the Bainimarama and Khaiyum propaganda. As the people of Fiji know, it's a crock.

Pictured: FTUC's permit application and the FTUC statement denouncing the cancelling of today's meeting.


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