Monday, August 22, 2011

Illegal Fiji Regime Cancels Methodist Church Conference but Unions Plugging Away

Posted on Coup Four point Five - 22 August 2011

No surprise Frank Bainimarama has cancelled the Methodist Conference at the Centenary Church in Suva, tomorrow.

Poor Frank has been unable to sleep at the thought of the powerful Church coming together again, after four years.

He wrested a promise from them that they wouldn't discuss anything political and restricted the number attending to just 1,000 when four times that could've easily turned out.

Then came the order for the top three officials, (Reverends Ame Tugaue, Tuikilakila Waqairatu and Manasa Lasaro) to not be at the conference and for them to step down from their positions.

This morning, the conditions were adjusted  yet again with the regime insisting they only said the three leaders couldn't chair the meeting, not that they couldnt go. Oh, but Tugaue couldn't stand for president again!

Late today the story (in fact, so quickly that even FBC was still running with the old story) was changing again with reports military officials would be attending the conference. Leweni has now been quoted as saying the gathering has been cancelled. No explanation given just the comment: "Let's just leave it at that."

What a mess poor Frank has been in. And the incompetent Neumi Leweni doing all the talking for him, but everyone knowing the orders were being driven by his fears.

It's not the end of the matter; look for the regime spin on things tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, more encouraging signs of those wanting a better Fiji, working together.

FTUC and FICTU have written to Bainimarama about their concerns (raised several times before but ignored by the regime) about the new Essential Industries decree and the PER and lack of media freedom.

The country's strongest unions tell Bainimarama there is no justification for the draconian measures urging him to suspend  the FNPF reforms, the new decrees (31 and 35) and the PER and the media censorship.

They also urge him to respond positively to a request for dialogue and for a return to democractic governance at the earliest.

Read FTUC and FICTU's letter to Bainimarama.


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