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Illega CJ Gates Fake Judiciary Rocked by Madha Tenakoon’s Revelation

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 17 August 2011

Illegal Chief Justice of Fiji, Anthony Gates
There is no doubt that Anthony Gates will be seething on his false Chief Justice chair today.
After all, it was he who hand-picked these Sri Lankan legal eagles to work under his wings as he vainly cranked up his fake judicial machinery he masterminded with Nazhat Shameem.
Gates and Shameem’s idea was to bring in these cheap Sri Lankans to work their illegal judicial factory floor with no questions asked.
Along with their deceitful plan is the Sri Lankan Consul to Fiji, Ajith Kodagoda, also the regime appointed Chairman for the shaky Fiji National Provident Fund and CEO of a private Gujarati family owned business called CJ Patel who are also owners of the regime’s propaganda newspaper, Fiji Sun.
He too worked with Gates in recruiting the Sri Lankans and is often referred to by the Sri Lankan community in Fiji as their godfather.
Gates, by the way, has a soft spot for Sri Lankans. His deceased homosexual partner he lived with for many years was from Sri Lanka who resided and worked in Fiji as an architect but was killed in a fatal Fiji Air plane crash.
But now with Tenakoon opening his mouth, Gates game-plan is becoming undone by the very people he trusted like Tenakoon.
Madha Tenakoon, Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption former Manager Legal, is not mincing his words either when he told ABC reporter Hill that other Sri Lankan judicial members in Fiji also share his concerns on Aiyaz’s regime interference with the judiciary.
Here is the  excerpt from that interview.
HILL: There are Sri Lankan judicial figures serving in courts there and also as prosecutors. What would your advice to them be?
TENAKOON: Basically following my removal from FICAC, some of them have already contacted me and raised their concerns, and some of them share the similar concerns, and they say it’s just a matter of time. Some of them will also be sent home sooner or later, they know that. And some of them are really, really fed up with the system and they really want to come back. So I’m sure there are some more magistrates or even prosecutors who would join us in the near future who cannot tolerate this level of interference by the Fiji government.
With the Sri Lankan legal eagles’ first-hand experience to the many injustices in Fiji’s judicial system, it is not surprising therefore to see Gates and Aiyaz looking beyond Sri Lanka in their recent recruitment drive.


I’ve got proof of Fiji regime interference in judiciary : Tenakoon

A Sri Lankan lawyer who has spoken out about political interference in Fiji’s judicial system says he has documentary proof of high-level interference.
Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat aired allegations made by Madhawa Tenakoon, who held a senior position with Fiji’s Independent Commission Against Corruption but was dismissed by Fiji’s military government.
Mr Tenakoon says the government interfered in prosecutions by directing the Commission to launch certain investigations, while also directing some cases be ignored.
Fiji’s Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says Mr Tenakoon was sacked for poor performance and suggests the former FICAC employee is trying to raise his profile in a bid to boost his career.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum also challenged Mr Tenakoon to produce some proof.
Mr Tenakoon told Pacific Beat when a democratic government returns to power in Fiji he will produce all the documentary proof he has kept from his time with FICAC.
Sri Lanka’s honorary consul in Fiji, however, insists Mr Tenakoon is the only one of almost 200 Sri Lankan legal professionals working in Fiji to have lodged a complaint.

ICJ examination

The International Commission of Jurists says it will examine Fiji’s legal system in light of the allegations.
The president of the Australian branch of the ICJ, John Dowd QC, says the allegations are serious and warrant further scrutiny.
“We will examine the matter and try and bring pressure to bear on them to set up – perhaps with the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting – some examination of Fiji to see what can be done to bring it back into rule of law,” he said.

Aiyaz Khaiyum’s brother not running Madwa Tenakon’s story

It’s not surprising that Aiyaz Khaiyum and his brother Riyaz Khaiyum, CEO of Fiji Broadcasting Commission (FBC), are working in cohorts not to broadcast sacked Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Manager Legal, Madwa Tenokon’s story on how their military regime is interfering with Fiji’s judicial system.
Sources say FBC’s Fijian and Indian stations are also quiet about it.
They say FBC’s rural reach is wider than the competitors and the two brothers are working closely to ensure that their puppet, Frank Bainimarama, who is in the rural Lomaiviti islands this week, do not get to hear about it over the airwaves while he continues on with his flattering campaign drive promising villages jetties, boats and other vote buying hand-outs.
Communications Fiji on the other hand has been announcing the “Madwa Tenakon Story” every top of the hour on all their radio stations proving that the media censors have given their ok to run the story.
So why is Riyaz Khaiyum and his News Director Stanley Simpson witholding the “Madwa Tenakon Story” from their listeners when the media censors have approved its broadcast with Communications Fiji?

Update from Tonga:

Sri Lankan Lawyer’s Claim True and Correct [19 August 2011]

The claim by Sri Lankan lawyer, Madhawa Tenakoon, that the illegal, corrupt and ruthless military regime in Fiji interfered in Fiji’s judicial system and pursued a selective, “witch hunt” policy in the investigation and prosecution of persons by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC), is absolutely true and correct, former Military Officer, Ratu Tevita Mara, said today.

Mr Tenakoon was a lawyer on contract with the FICAC before he resigned, unable to stomach the abuse of power, abuse of justice and flagrant abuse of the rule of law in Fiji by the ruling military junta.

Ratu Tevita said that, shortly after the Military Coup of December 2006, the Military Commander Frank Bainimarama devised a policy to destroy the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) and the Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua  (SDL) and totally remove both from the political landscape of Fiji. It was first necessary, however, to destroy the Leaders of both Parties, Mahandra Chaudhry of the FLP and Laisenia Qarase of the SDL, in any and all ways possible through subverting investigative and legal systems in Fiji.

Ratu Tevita revealed that Commander Bainimarama created a special Military Council after the coup and at a meeting of the Council in early 2007, he raised the issue of the FLP, SDL and their Leaders Chaudhry and Qarase, and emphasized that the Parties and the Leaders were political enemies of the State and ordered that charges be made up and brought against the two men to ensure that they were kept out of the political future of Fiji.

 “I know this for a fact since I was present at that meeting,” Ratu Tevita added.

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