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Frank’s Satanic Regime Allow Indo Fijians to go Public with their Gods But Not Fijian Christians

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 31 August 2011

Fiji Sun cover story a few days ago

One can’t help but pick up on the injustices meted out to Fijian Methodist Church Christians by Frank’s military regime.

Sources in Fiji report that while Indo Fijians were allowed to parade with their deities along Laucala Bay sea side road from Rabuka gym to Nasese, culminating in the piercing of their bodies and fire-walking at their Howell Road church, Fijian Methodist  Christians were banned from congregating to mark their annual conference where songs of praise and worship, free giving and fellowship is normally the order of the day.

They said it was moving to watch Methodist Church members respecting Indo-Fijians rights to worship while they stood by the way side reflecting on the regime’s ban against them not to do the same.
Such is the regime’s show of disrespect and prejudice towards the Methodist Church members in Fiji that breaches their human right to their freedom of religion and belief which encompasses their freedom of thought on all matters and the freedom to manifest religion and belief individually or with others, in public or in private.
What Frank & Co. is under-estimating is the untold consequences of their prejudicial decision against the Fijian Methodist Church members that can provoke religious hatred amounting to incitement of discrimination, hostility or violence proved by the recent outbreak of graffiti writing and burning by a group calling themselves the Viti Revolution Forces.
Frank’s Muslim mafia group celebrated their Eid festival freely while Hindus celebrated their puja with their fellow believers, so why deny the Methodist Church, most of whom are indigenous Fijians, from worshiping freely like their fellow immigrant Indo-Fijians?
Evil Aiyaz Khaiyum with his Muslim family
Frank Bainimarama’s regime is unfortunately causing native Fijians to feel more marginalized than ever before – a hopeless place to put these indigenous Fijians in since this is the same dark hole that awakens the monster in them resulting in the coup culture they’ve adopted as their only option out of that dark place since 1987.
Methodist Christian Fijians banned from worshiping on their own land

Here is a report by blogger Tui Savu on the maiming of the Methodist Church in Fiji.
By Tui Savu

Folks, this email dated 29/08/2011 sent by someone from Fiji, reveal the desperate measures adopted by the Military Junta in Fiji, as it tries to destroy the Leaders of the Methodist Church in Fiji, namely Rev. Ame Tugaue & Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu for disobeying an unreasonable and unlawful directive from Bainimarama.
I wouldn’t be surprised this desperate measure extends to prohibiting Sunday Church Services as well because the Junta’s led by an irrational, thin skinned, madman.
This will be the first time in Fiji’s history a government, legal of illegal has directly interfered in the affairs of the Church. So much for their claim the Church was deeply involved in political issues, which is part of its responsibilities, but how about the Military Junta?
As a fellow Methodist, I wish to remind my fellow Church Members of Oliver Cromwell’s quote:
“Put you faith in God and keep your gun powder dry.”
Dear Wesley Family,

Glory be to our Father in heaven who blesses us with more than we need.
I received a call from our Divisional Superintendent last night. We wish to inform you that a further NOTICE has been issued by the Government, which is:
There shall be no meetings, worship or fellowship services/programmes permitted in all Methodist Churches from MONDAY through to SATURDAY for every week until further notice. The only services/programs permitted in Church are the regular Sunday worship services. 

All other services/programs are not allowed. For Wesley City Mission Church, the services/programmes not allowed are:
  • Women’s Fellowship Prayer Group who meet in Church every Monday week at 10am.
  • Suva Central Cell Group meeting
  • 10.45am Choir Practice who meet in Church every Tuesday week at 5.30pm.
  • Mid-week Holy Communion service held every Wednesday week at 1.05pm
  • Youth Fellowship who meet every Friday week in the Lower Hall at 7.00pm 
Church Administrators and Secretaries, please kindly inform your Chief Stewards and Vakatawas of this NOTICE and ensure that all fellowship/ministries that use your Church premises during the week are informed as well.
I apologise about any inconvenience caused and humbly ask that you continue to pray and fast. My sincere thanks for your continued prayers for our Divisional Superintendent and for the Leaders of the Methodist Church. The Circuit Administrator will update you on any further developments. In all this, God is in control. Praise be to God!
“When Daniel learnt that the order had been signed, he went home. In an upstairs room of his house there were windows that faced towards Jerusalem. There, just as he had always done, he knelt down at the open window and prayed to God three times a day”. Daniel 6:10
In His Service,
For Wesley Division,
Apenisa Katonivualiku
Divisional Steward


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