Monday, August 15, 2011

Frank: Fiji's Napoleon? Only in His Dreams!

by Sai Lealea
15 August 2011

Anyone deluded enough to compare Fiji's dictator to Napoleon must be very high on liquefied ego for the following reasons:
  • Napoleon was an artillery officer and no navy man like Bainimarama.

  • Napoleon did well at officer training school, completing the 2 year course in one year. Bainimarama instead is reknown for leading the back of his class at various naval officer training courses. He would therefore do well to replace his head with Napoleon's in the above picture atop his disgraced naval uniform.

  • Napoleon was a military genius and tactician while Frank's only display of military tactics was at scaling the Nabua cassava patch escaping to safety during the 2000 mutiny leaving his troops to battle it out.

  • Napoleon lets his achievement in battle generate loyalty in his soldiers and not by bribing them as Bainimarama does at the expense of the State coffers.

  • Napoleon always has a clear strategy going into battle and knows exactly when to withdraw or when to give up. Bainimarama has no idea when to call it quits and he'd rather take the nation down with him.

  • Napoleon has a genuine sense of national pride and duty. Bainimarama has no idea what that is.

  • Napoleon had much more refined interests outside of the military such as science, art and culture. Bainimarama has rugby.

  • Napoleon is no coward and would willingly face death as he did when he shouted out to his troops on escaping from exile in Elba in 1815 "Here I am. Kill your Emperor, if you wish." Instead, his troops cheered and joined him in returning to Paris. Bainimarama would not dare invite certain death from his troops as evidenced by his less-than-courageous escape during the 200o mutiny and his ever-increasing security detail.
What they do have in common though are that:
  • they both carried out coups against current governments;

  • both had grandiose visions of themselves and their wives as some kind of "god's answer" to the nation's problem; and

  • Finally both will eventually be toppled from power and destined to spend their last days in lonely confinement enabling them to contemplate what could have been!
For Bainimarama, such an ending is bound to be much more painful, humiliating and degrading. Precisely the manner he has been treating the good people of Fiji since he illegally removed the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase on 05 December 2006. 

But unlike Napoleon, Bainimarama can yet turn things around for himself, his family and for Fiji.

Yet the questions is "IS IT IN HIM?"

Regrettably it seems, all indications up to now suggest, HE IS JUST NOT UP TO IT! 


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