Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Anti Regime Graffiti Next Regime Property Burned Down

Opposition to the illegal regime's rule has taken another significant turn with the burning down of two Police posts in the Western side of Fiji.

Again the Viti Revolution Forces (VTR) has claimed responsibility and it is adamant military personnel are also involved in its campaign to destabilise and defy the regime.

It is indeed a critical turn, especially if claims that military officers are also collaborating in these acts of defiance.

It is no wonder the illegal PM and Dictator is fuming mad at the lack of progress to apprehend any offenders.

But he for one should have expected this sooner or later. People can only take so much. Now even those close to the Dictator are seeing the real truth about the direction the dictator is taking Fiji - down the abyss of no return and they surely want out.

Coup Four Point Five has posted below some graphic photos about the fires and the illegal PM's panicky reaction to the latest spate of retaliations against his evil regime.

Given the apparent split within the military, Ratu Tevita Mara has also weighed with a message to the security forces in Fiji, to abandon the Dictator and join forces with the Methodist Church and Unions in defying the regime with civil disobedience actions.


Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 30 August 2011

VRF accepts responsibility for police post fires but says it's not targeting ordinary people, just the regime

VRF is taking full responsibility for the torching of police offices in the western division over the weekend.

In a statement, the group says "VRF comrades, CID HQ staff from Suva, crime scene personnel, military and forensic officers were all present at the scene of the incident - Vatudradra Police Post, No. 107 in Nadroga."

VRF says it has a very clear mandate and its plans have been mapped out by what it says is highly qualified professionals and individuals. 

"Our aim is NOT to damage and destroy any property that belongs to our own people or any private property for that matter. However, our property is occupied by thugs and murderers and they are ruining the future of our children."

VRF says its mandate is clear and it is as follows: 

1) proving that regime and junta does not have the endorsement of the majority of the people of Fiji as it claims it does

2) and proving that there is a clear division within the military

Message to international observers
"VRF wants to send a clear message to the international communities about the above and to also send warnings to the international organisations and communities that the violent activities will step up to the next level, until the time they hear our cries and intervene. 

"VRF is assessing the situation locally and also internationally and listening very carefully. We are also anticipating the regime to create counter violence and VRF is in fact waiting for them and comrades are saying "bring it on Bai/ASK we are ready from inside and out". 

"At the same time we are also cautioning the general public to be on high alert as regime may try to organise attacks and blame on VRF."

The group had said it would strike out at taxi and bus operators that didn't support the call to stay off the roads yesterday but it now says it won't follow through with that. 

It says: "The word went around in the majority of the work places in public and private sector and they were eagerly anticipating a massive protest to initiate. 

"VRF also had communication with certain bus and taxi operators, who pleaded with VRF not to damage their properties as they are also against the regime and they say they will step in when the time is right.  
"VRF has considered very carefully the feedback and called off the activities against the operators FOR NOW. "

'We are not against the people'
The group says the people of Fiji will have to accept that certain sacrifices have to be made for "our children and grand children."
"We are not against you. We do not intend to harm any innocent member of the public or their property. We are against the murderers, who are running the country. 
"And, finally we are the rightful people who took an oath to provide protection to our own people. We will take you to the free Fiji for ALL in the very near future. Be ready to join the VRF and celebrations. We are there for you and for our children. God bless Fiji and pray."

VRF has neither denied nor accepted that there has been any involvement from militaryin its activities. A high ranking source has told Coupfourpointfive, Bainimarama's own men are part of VRF.

Police bure burnt! VRF believed to be behind the torching

VUTADRADRA POLICE BURE (top, above and below): Between Nadi and Sigatoka.

Intelligence sources have released these pictures of the police bure which was burnt on Sunday night. The fire is believed to be the work of the new group fighting to topple the regime, VRF.

Two bure were said to be set alight that night between ten and half past ten: this one is of the post  in Vatudradra.

The other bure is that of Nawai police. No pictures have been made available of that fire yet.


Source: Bainimarama seething like a stuck pig over graffiti campaign

VRF GRAFFITI CAMPAIGN HITTING NERVE: The dictator, Frank Bainimarama.

VRF WORK: Police bure, too?
Fiji's unelected prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, is said to be seething at the graffiti campaign against him and the thought it's being driven by some of his own men.A reliable source from within the hierarchy of the regime, told Coupfourpointfive that Bainimarama "is so wound up he could burst ... kaca bote."

The source, who calls himself, PS Who Knows Them Well, told us: "Number One is rampaging like a stuck wild pig with the graffiti."

The source was behind the exclusive leaks to Coupfourpointfive last year that revealed Bainimarama was losing the plot and the military hierarchy was wracked with division.

The graffiti camaign started last week and is being driven by a group calling itself VRF, Viti Revolution Forces.

The group has yet to publicy reveal who it is, but our source says those behind the civil disobedience campaign are from the military.

"The men who did it are soldiers in his own camp, not one or two but over a dozen. They are getting ready to finish the job they have started."

No arrests have been made but intelligence sources have told Coupfourpointfive, a special taks force has been travelling the country in unmarked vehicles looking for VRF.

Over the weekend, it was reported by another blog site that soldiers had broken the fingers of a 12 year old boy they believed had graffitied a bus shelter with anti-Bainimarama sentiment.

Intelligence sources say the dictator gave a clear directive to his personal bodyguards, loyalist and to the police commissioner: "Cut their fucking hands off, no court cases – make an example."

Coupfourpointfive has also been told police property has been burnt. We've been told the Police Bure at Vatudradra Post was completely burnt last night and that Nawai Police Post Bure partially destroyed.

The source says he was there and that police were running around like mad. It's believed the bures were burnt around ten or half past ten and have not been reported by the Fiji media because of the censorship.

VRF says it will release a statement soon about yesterday's No Service No Work Day.  

Editor's note: The former 3Fir leader, Roko Ului Mara, who is now supporting the call for return to democracy for Fiji, is meanwhile calling on Fiji police and military forces to take back control from the 'murdering Bainimarama.'  In the following statement aimed at police and soldiers (the key to Bainimarama's reign of power), he says "You must restore respect for the rule of law" and "join the Methodist Church and trade unions in passive resistance."

Message to the Fiji Security Forces

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