Friday, August 19, 2011

Fiji Pulls a Fast one to Get Rugby Playing Soldier to World Cup

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 19 August 2011

So Fiji can play ball when it wants to, eh...

While the dictatorship refuses to bend politically for the benefit of the country and allow elections and lift the PER, it can certainly move when it comes to the Rugby World Cup.

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, has today announced that it has given former soldier, Leone Nakarawa, an exemption to enter the country as part of Fiji's rugby world squad.

So how was this miracle achieved? Well, McCully says the New Zealand Government has been advised that Nakarawa has been discharged from the RFMF.

"While we would normally take a little longer to provide an exemption or lift the sanction in respect of a person resigning from the military, in this case we agreed to act more quickly given the particular nature of the request," McCully said.

Clearly, the unelected government of Fiji and its military appointed 'decision makers' can deliver when it wants to.

The Fiji Rugby Union had asked New Zealand to ease its travel ban on members of the military regime so it could get Nakarawa into the  Rugby World Cup squad. New Zealand said it wouldn't.

But the Mosese Tikoitoga led FRU has got what it wants by it moving the goal posts, because it suits it. They've simply disposed of the barrier - Nakarawa's links to the military.

Yet when it comes to peoples rights, like media freedom and elections, the Bainimarama camp refuse to budge. 

Coupfourpointfive suspects the 'discharging' of Nakarawa is a temporary thing only. What's the bet he will be 'readmitted' into the RFMF after next month's tournament?

Wake up McCully. What are you going to do when Bainimarama and co find a way to slip the ball past you in a bid to get themselves to the Cup?

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