Thursday, August 11, 2011

NZ Movement Denounces Anti Union Decree & Calls for Sanctions

Fiji Pro democracy groups overseas are now actively calling for trade union sanctions to be imposed on the illegal regime there following the promulgation by decree of draconian measures to limit the powers of unions in Fiji to organise and run their affairs.

In NZ, the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, has released a Media Statement denouncing the military regime in Fiji for the anti union decree and calling for the imposition of sanctions.

Similar calls have also been made by sister groups in Australia in close collaboration with other lobby groups and trade union movements.

All this in the lead up to a visit to Fiji by the ILO executive to investigate for itself the draconian decree and its impact on the union movement. Despite this, the illegal AG in Fiji feigns confidence in welcoming the visit saying: 

"it offers the opportunity to correct misleading information about the objectives of the decree".

This two-faced bravado from someone who delights in churning out list after list of illegal decrees has only to be expected as his position increasingly becomes untenable following questions of his fitness to hold such a position by a Fiji Womens group. Shamina Ali, a brave advocate for womens and human rights in Fiji, has in fact called on the illegal AG to resign as his office, through the flood of illegal decrees gushing from it, can never hope to move Fiji forward as originally claimed to be the reasons behind the reforms carried out by the illegal regime. 

It will be interesting to see if Shamina Ali will be whisked away by Police for issuing such a brave call under the guise of the draconian PER. Given the regular cowardice and thuggery behaviour of the regime in its treatment of dissent, it would NOT be surprising if it does happen. In the past the regime and its thugs have never discriminated on the basis of gender in dishing out abusive behaviour at those it regards as flouting its repressive regulations. After all, that is present day Fiji, under the current illegal regime.


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