Friday, August 26, 2011

The Failure & Hypocrisy of Rev. Akuila Yabaki and the CCF.

by Tui Savu
Posted on - 26 August 2011

Rev. Akuila Yabaki is reported by Radio NZ today “the leaders who are under restrictions might think about taking a break - going on leave or do a sabbatical or do some studies or go overseas so that there is a space for the church to do some creative thinking. The leadership is under some fear that there might be a takeover by the military leadership.”

He went on to say some leaders need to abandon their 1980s-thinking and stop siding with ethno-nationalist politics.

Why is he taking the side of the Military Junta, which he's unashamedly done since the December 2006 coup? Why should Rev. Ame Tugaue and Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu step down from their positions of President and General Secretary? What have they done wrong for them to abdicate their positions?

Land Force Commander Mosese Tikoitoga is reported as saying the reason for the cancellation of the Annual Methodist Church Conference was due to both Rev. Tugaue and Rev. Waqairatu failing to adhere to Bainimarama’s directive they step down from their official capacities and not preside at the Conference.

The Church Executives met and resolved they will abide by their Constitution and insisted Rev. Tugaue and Rev. Waqairatu will preside at the Conference pursuant to their Constitution.

The Military Junta cancelled the Conference. Yesterday it forbade the Church from carrying out any of its 9 Meetings contained in its Constitution, hoping the Stewarts will cave in to their demands and join their repertoire calling for the abdication of the President & General Secretary. 

The Stewards Meeting I’m told was infiltrated by Junta’s supporters, as some of these Stewards are in the Military, which didn’t sway the Stewards from supporting the resolve of their Church Executives, which would have be very embarrassing and ominous for the Military Junta because this is the first time a large body like the Church has openly defied their orders.

Now we have Rev. Yabaki saying the President and General Secretary should step aside so the Church can do ‘some creative thinking.’ The only kind of ‘creative thinking’he’s been doing since December 2006 has been to justify the illegal takeover of the Qarase led Government.

In his short-sightedness Rev. Yabaki has failed to see the ‘creative thinking’ of the Church Executives and their Stewards in resolving to abide by their Constitution and not kow tow to this arrogant tin pot dictator Bainimarama.

I recall Rev. Yabaki being exposed before an Australian audience for his double standards in Fiji by questions from deposed Fiji Parliamentarian Hon. Simi Kaitani.

I wish to congratulate the Methodist Church Executives and its Stewards in their steadfastness and ask all the people of Fiji to unite and reclaim back your rights!

Anti-Bainimarama graffiti are appearing all over Fiji, which are signs of people movement on the ground. I wouldn’t put it past this desperate and morally bankrupt Military Junta to seriously consider stopping the Methodist Church from holdings its Church Services, especially after Rev. Waqairatu has stated the cancellation of these Meeting will not affect the running of the Church.

I note Rev. Yabaki; you continue to use the title of Rev. as a prefix to your name as an ordained Minister of the Methodist Church without designation, yet you seek its demise? Why?

Why do you loosely lable Rev. Tugaue & Rev. Waqairatu's resolve to abide by the Church's Constituion 'ethno-nationalist politics' and not seen as a matter of principle, irrespective of their race? Seems to me a case of sour grapes.

Your CFF stands for the upholding of the 1997 Constitution of Fiji, but why can't you support the Methodist Church Executives standing by its Constitution, which gave you the right to use the title of Rev?


Bainimarama's real CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN in Fiji


It’s ironic that after almost 5 years since Bainimarama executed his coup against the lawful Qarase led Government in December 2006, and claimed it was CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN, now he finally gets the opportunity to prove his claim.

He now orders his soldiers to CLEAN UP the graffiti against him appearing all over Fiji!

Two postings on Matavuvale had this to say about the enforced employment of Fiji soldiers:

  • "the boroboro to bokoboko squad at work...." (tagging to tag removing squad)
  • "they should have started from there, literally, if it ever really there was a clean up motive behind it the bottom rung of the ladder and work their way up...and even now, with the boroboro to bokoboko squad hard at work,...all for the wrong reasons,...its boroboro to bokoboko for masi polo..."


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