Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disgraceful & Deceitful Behaviour of Fiji Military Figures Revealed

Sources continue to provide inside information about the lack of ethical and moral fibre in key military figures ruining Fiji at present.

In line with earlier revelations, 2 key military figures have been fingered for disgraceful and wanton lack of moral integrity as they take advantage of their power and position over  subordinates.

Current Land Force Commander, Mosese Tikoitoga (above), has been talking a great deal these days from his perch at Delainabua. But all this after being booted back to camp for:

  • getting his secretary pregnant when Commissioner Central based at Nausori.

Readers will be aware this is the same monster revealed earlier to also having had an affair with former Military legal officer, later Chief Registrar, before being booted out, Ana Rokomokoti. So such unethical and disgraceful behaviour must be part of his contaminated DNA that gets expressed under a dictatorial and authoritarian environment.

Sitiveni Qiliho (above), when he was Commanding Officer with the Fiji Battalion in Sinai last year:

  • got one of his young  Female Officers (Lieutenant) pregnant. Coup Four Point Five had reported earlier on the incident. The woman is now about to give birth.

This is the same guy who fancies himself as the "go to intimidator" for the illegal regime and was part of organising the burning of Justice Gordon Ward's villa at Pacific Harbour.

As well, he was also reported to have led the arrest and intimidation of The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, and seen patrolling the corridors outside the interview room at the Central Police Station with hip pistols clearly evident, when the Roko Tui Dreketi was being questioned.

He was also the officer who abused and assaulted ANU Professor Brij Lal, and abused SDL Minister Ted Young when they were taken to the camp for questioning.

Both military men must answer to their cowardly and thuggish actions. They no doubt would not dare treat their parents or their siblings the way they have brutally treated others and their day will indeed come. Let us see if they will be man enough to accept their due punishment without the comfort and security of their weapons and ill-gotten positions of power.

Other military officers have also been discharged for similar disgraceful offences and include:

  • Major  Saladoka
  • Captain Tawake
  • Warrant Officer I Vutikalulu
All these men have disgraced the once highly regarded Fiji Military. It simply adds to the sick culture of Fiji's military that is woefully led by its dictatorial and corrupt leader. It is no wonder his underlings will emulate his unethical behaviour as a result of the power they have illegally acquired at the point of the gun. 

Fiji and its people will only be free from such thuggish and brutish behaviour when they are all locked up in prison.


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