Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Billboard attacks: First sign of the people of Fiji rising up against Bainimarama

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 23 August 2011

The strong resolve of the Methodist Church appears to have struck a chord with people in Fiji.

In what appears to be a first sign of civil disobedience and that people are rising up against the unpopular regime, military have this morning been busy retouching the roadside billboards of Frank Bainimarama, which have been spray painted with abuse.

Soldiers have also been rushing around cleaning graffiti like "PM Evil Murderer" from several buildings and walls.

Intel sources say the dictatorship has established a task force to investigate who is behind the operation.

Information given to Coupfourpointfive says the group behind the attack on Bainimarama is calling itself VRF (Viti Revolution Forces).
The group is claiming the responsibility for all of the slogans painted on walls and also on Frank Bainimarama's photo on the road sides from Lautoka, Nadi, Sigatoka to Suva and Nausori.
VRF says "Bainimarama has been given ample time as a Fijian to come to his senses and do the right thing."

"We expected him to respect and listen to church,chiefs and people. This is in retaliation to the cancellation of the conference and also a stern warning.
"Frank Bainimarama still has time to come to his senses and consult the church, chiefs, other political parties, unions and NGO's to take the Fiji on the right path.

"However, it cannot be expected from a mad man like himself and he is evil and a murderer. He will have no time for reconciliation and healing. He has to be taught a lesson in a hard way."

Viti Revolution Forces goes on to say: "This is only a beginning to show that people of Fiji will go to any length to fight for freedom. If he thinks that Fijian people will not rise against him and are scared, that will be the biggest mistake of his life.

"This is only a beginning and VRF commands FB to respect the church and the conference and their views. Otherwise, expect the worst from tomorrow and it will continue till the day Fiji will win its freedom.
"He can arrest, torture as much as he can, but VRF is widely spread in each and every village in Fiji. We are still respecting the peace, law and order. But not for long."

VRF is also calling on the governments of New Zealand and Australia to intervene now before a bloodshed happens in Fiji.

It says: "Fiji is a small place and everyone lives like a family. We cannot be compared to Lybia and the activities happening around the world. But dont be mistaken at all. It can be worst than any other places once started.

"We urge New Zealand and Australia to intervene now if they care a single bit for the people of Fiji. They can be in contact with the church to find a resolution to the issue peacefully. We do not want any person arrested, tortured and killed. But it is going that way, and once started - there will be no stopping until the revolution.

"We also thank the international communities and groups for their help and thoughts towards Fiji democracy and freedom."


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