Saturday, August 20, 2011

Band Boy Leweni Laughs to the Bank

Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s band boy Leweni laughs to the bank at expense of highly qualified military officers


The salary structure of RFMF personnel obtained by us reveals that the dictator Frank Bainimarama is paying his foot soldiers more than the undergraduates from the University of the South Pacific  (see Sai Lealea – Army Private Paid More than USP Undergrads to protect Fiji Dictator)

The treasonous coupster and “cassava patch” dasher is paying the foot soldiers more to buy their loyalty in a desperate attempt to cling to power.

While his own military salary is listed as $93,838, excluding kickbacks and other incomes from the various portfolios he holds as head of an illegal government, an ordinary Private (PTE) is paid $10,194. A PTE with over three years experience gets $10,714; over four years experience gets $11,233 and one over five years experience is paid $11,733.

We may also recall my earlier posting in October 2010: “Bainimarama pay out: the biggest rip-off in Fiji’s 40 years of independence–Frank Bainimarama’s fraudulent back pay of thousands of dollars does not add up on paper and from his CV:”

In the above posting I informed the foot soldiers how their commander, a crook and a swindler, had stolen a whopping $205,147.29 from the taxpayers of Fiji under the guise of leave pay and other payments he claimed was due to him for thirty years. 

He is hiding his loot, along with his wife and family, in a private vault at the Bank of Baroda in Suva.

Band boy Neumi Leweni’s $50,000 plus salary.
  • Although the salary of a private soldier is higher than that of an USP undergraduate, the poor Private is still way at the bottom of the salary structure. Take the pay of the dictator’s “tabetabe” and former band boy Neumi Leweni. He earns over $50,000 plus despite not having done any officers course as a requirement for promotion to officer status. Military practise requires that promotion must go through the Land Force Commander.
  • In Leweni’s case, that was not so. His only qualification for promotion was his long-standing friendship with the dictator. Leweni joined the military in 1974; a year before his present treasonous master began life as an ordinary midshipman in 1975. Many high-ranking officers say Leweni (contemptuously referred to as “tabetabe” or bum sucker) does not deserve his military Commission at all. He has by-passed qualified officers who have passed their promotion courses and are still waiting to be elevated to their proper ranks. They are languishing in the shadows of Leweni who is regularly “blowing” propaganda on behalf of the dictator, and collecting over $50,000 in salary.

Others top officers backing the dictator are driven more by the hefty pay packets they are taking home than any loyalty to the dictator. 

It is no wonder the dictator is extremely paranoid and is surrounded by nearly 100 bodyguards costing the nation nearly $4million annually.


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