Monday, August 15, 2011

Bainimarama and Khaiyum Loyalists and Informants Costing Fiji $4 million a Year

Having heard of similar stories, I have no reason to doubt the Coup Four Point Five report below and it truly disgusts.

Only cowards and those who know they're ruling over others without their consent would go to the extent of having in place an elaborate web of security and informers to preserve their illegal rule. That is precisely what is now in place in Fiji and is no doubt firmly embedded in the dark corners of society. A situation typical of past dictatorships and authoritarian regimes like in East Germany, Rumania and Communist Russia. Most disturbing is when these people are on State payroll just to shadow regime figures around everyday.

How ridiculous and laughable for a place like Fiji and who are they afraid of? But when you know you are in the wrong in the first instant, and have managed to repress human and democratic rights of citizens, you would be abit worried I suppose! 

Imagine the $4m wasted on shadowing these shadowy figures of the regime around being put to better use to alleviate worsening poverty in Fiji. It would be a far better spent of State resources than just to ensure regime figures live each day. What a way to greet each day! But when you know you're in temporary existence and under a corrupt, deceitful and cynical pretext, you will want to prolong your unelected term as long as it would allow you to empty the State coffers and enjoy yourself spending it along the way.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 15 August 2011

PARTY ANIMALS: Bainimarama and Ben Naliva (immediate left). Costing Fiji taxpayers.

KHAIYUM AND MINDERS: 24/7 security. Costing Fiji taxpayers.

Information from the ground today about the number of informants working for the regime and the amount of money they are being paid to gather dirt on fellow citizens.

According to intel sources, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have now established an inner circle of their own "law and order" of close to 100 bodyguards, 50 of them personal protection officers forming  what is termed in intelligence circles as "inner barrier and last line of defence."

The other 50 are distributed across the country to gather information and keep the army and  police in line and report, arrest or terminate any threat to the regime. (Intelligence officers describe this as the outer circle - or the first line of defence).

Sources from within Bainimarama's pretend government have also revealed that Neumi Leweni is the head of Bainimarama's hit squad and investigations team.  Fellow QEB Goon, Ben Naliva, and others report to him and it is Leweni who ensures intel is gathered and analyzed for Bainimarama. 

The no school Bainimarama who appointed  himself prime minister and who pays himself $700,000 plus annually, pays his bodyguards handsomely. According to figures, their salaries range from $35,000 a year to $50,000. Bainimarama is paying them from the army salaries.

Our source says 'the boys' are well-looked after: "This salary is just their basic and doesn't include the other benefits and allowances they receive as many have bought brand new cars and properties in Suva and Nadi."

He says the bodyguards dictate terms to everyone in police and army camps "as these days the PM's office handles almost everything in running the country, including giving their judgments on any matter and bypass any minister or law."

"They are told by Frank and AG that they have immunity and nobody can charge them with anything."

Sources also say Bainimarama's well-paid and well-heeled "boys" throw parties every week for their families, with the state footing the bill for the gatherings.

It's suggested the 100 loyalists - at an average estimate of $40,000 - are costing the Fiji taxpayer $4 million a year in just basic salary.

A second source informed Coupfourpointfive that he has been told 400 informers have been put on the payroll by Khaiyum, ranging from low rank army and police officers, taxi drivers, market vendors, Village 6 cinema attendants, parking attendants, union office workers, hotel room cleaners, bar attendants, park and street cleaners, cyber space or computer shop attendants or bloggers, even church members and family or house members of targeted people.

"Apart from the 400 informers, there are 50 key people that are at strategic positions in Government, FICAC, Court and with the private sector that are also on second regular payroll from Khaiyum. Everyone is watched and monitored."

This second source says the informants he has been told about, have their respective units and scope to inform on and receive about $200 every second Friday.

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