Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anti Regime Graffiti Spreads to the West in Fiji With Same Message

As expected, graffiti aimed at the illegal regime in Fiji has now appeared in the West of Fiji.

Splattered on walls, bus stops and billboards, the message is the same as those in Suva - all labelling the illegal Fiji PM as Liar and for him to Go.

Also now included in the graffiti in the West are calls and labels for the illegal AG and Bainimarama's puppeteer, Aiyaz Khaiyum. The message to him though is the same - he is a Liar and must also Go.

All these graffiti messages must be ringing in the ears of key figures in the illegal regime. They are an indication of the feeling of real hatred by the people of Fiji towards these two corrupt individuals repressing them. Other figures in the regime must be dreading when their names will appear in these graffiti.

Yet they all should know what they need to do in order to put an end to this denigration and loathing by the people. Just imagine how their children, relatives and colleagues will feel when they see their names in the graffiti. Well they surely should have thought about it well before they decided to be part of the brutal regime and lining their pockets with hefty pays from the public pursue without the mandate of the people.

So if they have any ounce of decency or integrity left in the fibre of their being, they would do the decent and honourable thing and abandon the Bainimarama ship, because it is seriously leaking and, is destined to sink to the bottom at any time soon. But as we all know, the lure of power, money and the opportunity to ingratiate themselves with the men with the guns, is too powerful an incentive. 

That is why none of them will have the courage or decency to abandon Bainimarama and Khaiyum. They are too comfortable to forego the good life even if it is at the expense and freedom of the people of Fiji. Such is the indecency that is so captivating about sinful and ill-gotten gain. And the longer they have it, the deeper and all-capturing it becomes for them, their spouse and their family.

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