Saturday, July 02, 2011

Women basher Frank Bainimarama follows netball ladies to Singapore

Rawfiji News - 02 July 2011

Women Frank Bainimarama woos Fiji Netballers
Reports of tyrant Frank and his Bainimarama tribe all jetting to Singapore to watch the Fiji girls play in the netball series is raising some interest in that cash-strapped Fiji Islands.
Artwork by discombobulatedbubu

Frank was named by his former senior military officer, Ului Mara, as the guy who led the beating of three civilian Fijian women on x-mas eve of 2006 and it is this same violent man who is now betting on the Fiji netball lady players to mend his tattered women basher image.
Some say the netball series is only a convenient excuse for the real reason why the whole family is there is to attend the Bainimarama extended family reunion.
It is without doubt that most of the expenses paid for this extravagant trip by the Bainimaramas is Fiji taxpayers money, who themselves are struggling to make ends meet with inflation and cost of living in Fiji hitting a record high of 8.8%.
The insensitive flamboyant behavior of the Bainimaramas at a time when most Fijians are suffering because of the weakening economy under Frank and Co.’s watch is reflective of Frank’s self-centered leadership agenda where only him and his family matters while the Fijians are damned.

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