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Vodafone Chairman refutes claims

Posted by Intelligentsiya - 18 July 2011

We are now so well accustomed to how the illegal and treasonous military regime works that we are well in tune with how they think and act.
In reaction to a recent blog on fellow blog C4.5 the regime's favourite hand-puppet, takes the time to wheel out another regime stooge (and concerned pensioner) to refute allegations levelled against the husband of their illegal draftsperson, and get this - they  label them as "defamatory, libellous, and false" without considering that by actively supporting a military regime that does not respect the rights of all citizens of this country, who neither want or need to be governed with the barrell of a gun cocked against their heads, they are party to these treasonous crimes.
The company statement states that "No military personnel in the history of Vodafone Fiji, throughout Fiji's history of political instability, have ever been permitted to enter our exchange nor monitor calls."
As we live and breathe, the blogging community will blow this blatant lie out of the water in no time.

And here's a tip for you Mr Khan. It's too late to try and redeem your travel liberties or job security.

And if you're angling for the ICC and very obviously trying to secure your escape routes, you're also too late.

Vodafone Fiji rubbishes allegations leveled against the company 
Vodafone Fiji clarified that no military personnel in the history of the mobile phone company have ever been permitted to enter Vodafone’s exchange or monitor calls.

Vodafone Fiji’s Chairman, Lionel Yee said the company also does not have the technological capabilities to allow mobile phones to be tapped or intercepted.

Yee said there is no legislation in Fiji that permitted the interception or monitoring of calls by state agents unlike countries such as Australia and New Zealand which have an Interception Act.

He said mobile phone billing records are only released to the Director CID’s office on production of a court order such as a search warrant.

Meanwhile Yee also said it has become necessary to issue a statement in response to false published statements about their Managing Director, Aslam Khan and Vodafone Fiji.

Yee stated that Aslam Khan has never been detained in the United States.

He also said that Khan has never been frisked in the US by State Agents of the US at anytime, and neither Khan nor Vodafone is involved in financing terrorist activities or terrorism.

Lionel Yee stated that Khan has been at the helm of Vodafone Fiji for the last 17 years with an impeccable record and distinguished professional career.

He also said that Khan is a respected business executive and member of the community.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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