Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuamoto Lashes out at Australian Union

Fiji Live News - 19 July 2011
By Nasik Swami

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Josefa Tuamoto has lashed out at comments made by Australian Transport Workers Union to boycott tourism and flights to Fiji.

Tuamoto said any industrial action, for any reason, that adversely impacts tourism in Fiji would be devastating to the country and all of its citizens, and not just tourism workers.He said tourism is responsible for employing some 45,000 full time equivalent jobs within the total Fijian workforce and the benefits derived from international visitation go far beyond this workforce and affect the day to day living of each and every Fijian man, woman and child.
Tuamoto’s warning comes after Australia's Transport Workers Union said that it will disrupt flights to Fiji from Wednesday unless Qantas protects its workers from state-sanctioned violence in the country.
The secretary for New Zealand Council of Trade Unions said his organisation had not decided on any action but shared the concerns raised by his Australian counterparts.

"And certainly we have been discussing what sort of bans and other industrial action that might be appropriate."The union claims that they want Qantas to ensure the rights of workers are upheld, including those that work for Air Pacific, which is joint operated by Qantas and the Fiji government.


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Anonymous said...

There needs to be some verification on the 45,000 people 'working fulltime equivalent jobs" as stated here by Tuamoto. This number would suggest that the tourism sector is the bigggest employer in the country. i.e more than government which is about 30,000. Official count of employees in the Hotels is about 1/4 of the number quoted by Tuamoto. Tuamoto should not play on the lives of suffering people in Fiji who do not need another liar.