Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDL Minister Responds to Thakur Singh Attack

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In responding to Thakur Ranjit Singh (TRS) alias Liu Muri: IMF statistics presented at the FDFM in Auckland, NZ on 23/7/11 at 5pm, Papatoetoe Town Hall, Auckland, NZ, showing the Leadership of Voreqe Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khyum “partnership” performance Score Card has failed, and failed miserably.

Rajesh Singh with Ratu Tevita Mara and Sai Lealea with TVNZ reporter in Wellington, NZ

This is what TRS speaks for.

Among the Unelected illegal (Fiji Court of Appeal 9th April 2009) Military Junta, People’s Charter (John Samy, Akuila Yabaki, Jone Dakuvula, Archbishop Mataca), their 6 goals are:
  • to stimulate economic growth,
  • increased investment levels,
  • reduce the rate of poverty, fiscal deficit and government debt and
  • maintain inflation rate at 2-3% on average.
However, these two so-called leaders with their “suguraki” style have failed, again - miserably, to deliver service to the people of Fiji, since the events of December 5th 2006.

To focus on their first goal of growing the economy by 5 percent annually, we have witnessed four years of drastic economic decline (2007 – 2010; - 0.497 to – 3.003 GDP) compared to six years of growth under our elected government (2001- 2006; 1.97 to 5.456 GDP growth). There has been no growth in GDP national Income trend, since 2006 from 4.408 Billion to decline yearly to 4.253B in 2010 (www.imf.org).

To translate this to “bread and butter” issues, the 20% devaluation of the Fiji dollar has spiraled the rise in food prices by up 400%.

The present Fiji economy spells misery, deceit and false promises all of which sums up the lack of moral leadership by ASK and his partner VB.

Yet TRS is still defending this failed “suguraki” regime, as a rag mouthpiece for the Fiji SUN papers.

His insistence on calling the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase SDL majority Party in the 2006 Government as racist shows his sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge on the science of market segmentation where race as ethnic cultural markets can be differentiated, segmented, accounted and reviewed for added value in the new decentralized information economy (or multiplier effects) in the 21st century markets. This shares the national wealth broadly for the public good.

In contrast, the old centralized order only benefitted the elite few.

These two opposing dynamics, the former and modern economy for the people and latter for the elite few, which are taking place in Fiji now, is confusing reform with the need to change is due to poor Leadership and management.

Some of the processes of these are the sale of the cement factory to a company that is not yet Registered in the Registrar of Company’s Office as it has no TIN, Mahogany Industries (without tender), the use of Fijian land via the Land Bank, exploiting the land, mineral and sea bed resources plus the aim for Fiji to manufacture Arms. This mission is raping the Fijian people and depriving them of their property rights under duress.
This is what TRS is defending!

Treating our land resources as a commodity is taking away Indigenous Fijians (IF) spiritual link to the land as a basis for our inclusivity, development and modernization for our financial authority.

Look around and account for successful Indigenous Fijian businesses! Not many.

Who owns these big businesses?? Certainly not owned by the 57% IF population. But, the balance 43% made up of the minority own the financial authority.

This is rape of our financial authority as well as IF political authority.

Yet this is what TRS speaks for!

From a strategic point of view, it is big business that is the issue and to this day the colonization of the Indigenous peoples of the World. 

The law and the justice system have been manipulated to rape the indigenous Fijians of their human values, aspiration and soul in one foul sweep.

This is what TRS is defending!

TRS is an empty vessel that makes a lot of noise on everything that he supports under the unbridled power of Aiaz Sayed Khyum and Voreqe Bainimarama’s illegal unelected regime. It is a regime where greed for power, money and status has created a demon, which they cannot control because they have removed the legally elected government with its separation of powers (between Judiciary, Legislator and Executive).

Fiji’s only salvation is the immediate removal of the two stooges to make way for moral leadership under the 1997/98 constitution where the Multi-Party-Cabinet under Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase can legitimize the immediate return to elections for the people to decide and give their mandate to their representatives who can take Fiji forward with NO MORE COUPS and GOVERNMENT BY DECREES.

To achieve this purpose, the democratic system and processes are in place to be followed. TRS is no authority on this as there is neither short cut nor pre-emption to the strategic democratic legal process of Good Governance.

TRS was not elected MP in Fiji Govt.

I was elected MP /State Minister of Youth & Sports.

We had the mandate of the voters to talk and not TRS.

God Bless Fiji.
Thumbs UP for Democracy.
United Fiji For All.

Rajesh Singh.


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