Thursday, July 14, 2011

Removal of Lau chair will help foster Bainimarama's plan to become president

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 14 July 2011

All that has been said about the treachery of the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, has come to pass with the replacement of Adi Ateca on the Lau Provincial Council with his puppet chairman, Filipe Bole.

The coup leader will now ensure that no Mara will ever stand in his way.

Adi Ateca's outburst that Lau will not support the People's  Charter is not news as it was expected with all the Mara family throwing their support behind her. Intelligence information had tipped months earlier the Mara clan would denounce the Charter.

The voice of the Mara family has now been officially killed in Fiji, leaving just the First Lady and the President in the official channels. The outburst and support of the First  Lady to the Lau chair on Wednesday has shifted the next target to the President.

He is next to go to totally eradicate the Mara disease “as the illegal AG terms it” whether we people of Fiji like it or not. After that, Bainimarama will resume the president position as he will have the support of all 14 provinces as he puts his choice of chairman and they will all support him to become president, an excellent strategy to side step the GCC.

After resuming the President post, Bainimarama will slowly take out PER as there is no threat on him on the ground. He is in absolute command of the army, police and prisons. By next year he will declare elections and his party will run to win.

The illegal AG is already acting PM – he is getting the required exposure in PM position and is also gearing up for elections.

The grim reality is that, the illegal PM will take out anyone who is opposed to him and his self-appointed government and will do the same to any opposition parties who plan to run for elections. He has nothing to fear and he has successfully tested the waters when he is away overseas and travelling – there will be no uprising!



Former Fiji MP flees to NZ after commiting fraud

VAYESHNOI: Bounced cheque.
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, the former Minister in Frank Bainimarama's regime and a trusted man of his leader Mahendra Chaudhry, who in 2007 described Bainimarama as God-sent and the coup as a revolution, is in New Zealand trying to seek political asylum.

And sources have confirmed that in a pre-planned plot, Vayeshnoi purchased $50,000 worth of jewellery from a shop in his hometown of Sigatoka and paid the owner with a cheque from a bank account that had been closed months earlier. The matter was reported to Sigatoka police but Vayeshnoi had already flown off to New Zealand.

Our sources have confirmed that the owner of Bhavani Gold Industries Ltd was a good friend of Vayeshnoi and had previously cashed his cheques while Vayeshnoi was a Member of Parliament until the December 2006 coup. 

In December 2010, Vayeshnoi also gave the shop owner a cheque but post-dated it by 6 months, telling him to keep it and that he would cash the cheque as per the date on it.

During the first term school holidays in May, Vayeshnoi went to the shop owner and told him he would use the cheque to buy jewellery. He selected assorted gold jewellery worth $50,000, that was packed in a box and given to Vayeshnoi. Vayeshnoi then wrote the cheque and left. It is believed by then it was too late to go to the bank.

The shop owner went to cash the cheque the following day but realized it was an ANZ cheque and that his bank account was with Westpac. He took the cheque to Westpac but was informed by the staff they would need clearance from ANZ to clear the cheque.

To the owner's horror, the bank staff informed him that ANZ had replied saying the cheque was from a dormant account that had been shut down much earlier.  Vayeshnoi had deliberately given the owner the cheque, knowing full well it was a worthless piece of paper.

The owner reported the matter to Sigatoka police. But it was discovered Vayeshnoi had flown out of Nadi to Auckland before the owner reached the bank with the cheque.

Already, his leader Mahendra Chaudhry is facing money laundering charges over the $2million dollars he has stashed away in Australia - money raised in Haryana, India  in the name of the poor in Fiji after the 2000 coup.

His puppet, Vayeshnoi, is now following in the foot steps of his master.

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