Monday, July 04, 2011

Ailing Dictator & Other Interesting Developments in Fiji

Posted on - 04 July 2011

by Mike

Dear Bloggers,

I received the following information from a very credible source in Fiji. Very interesting development indeed.

1. "There is clear evidence that Fiji is being run by the illegal AG and Ben Naliva. Frank and Mary will not only travel to Singapore but from there to China where both will undergo medical examinations. Mary is also very sick. As of November last year when he was airlifted to China for urgent attention, there was a very tearful farewell between Ben and Aiyarse at Nadi. Aiyarse sobbing Ben, look after him and Ben promising to call and report every day. From the time of Rt Epeli Ganilau's resignation that was all handled between Ben and AG, and now they are running everything. Frank's heart is failing him.
2. Story 2. All Lau delegates to delayed Lau Bose Ni Yasana should be aware that the Iloilovatu is high and dry on the reef at Oneata that Frank had reversed the decision made by the late Turaga Tui Nayau. Not sure the name of the reef, it was in the media lately. They should also be aware not to support the candidate being touted by the illegal regime but listen to their elders from the Vanua.
3. Story 3. All FDFM in Fiji, including those posting on Matavuvale should be aware of a Chinese ship docked at the wharf in Suva. There are 3 soldiers from the army signals on the boat around the clock listening to all conversations on what are classified as "Persons of Interest" SDL and people of Rewa loyal to the Roko Tui Dreketi should be very careful of what they say on their cell phones.
4. Story 4. Permanent Secretary to the PM Pio Tikoduadua (is that his name) has been diagnosed with brain cancer in India and has not returned to duty in several months. Some sources say the cancer is inoperable, lying in hospital with skull cap open.
5. Story 5. Sorry about the wrong number on the last story. Please all freedom fighters, must add Dixon Seeto and David Phligger (Air Pac boss, please get spelling of his name correct) on the list of rogues, they are destroying this country slowly.
6. Story 6. Aslam Khan of Vodafone, husband of Nazhat Shameem, is now a suspected money launderer for Muslim terrorists. He was detained and thoroughly strip searched in Los Angeles on arrival last month. Full body cavity search. Should be on all friendly government watch lists. Using Vodafone equipment buying as cover.

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