Saturday, July 02, 2011

Former SDL Minster Simione Kaitani Defends Record in Government in Response to Critics

Posted on - 01 July 2011

I honour you for your comments above. Please allow me to take exception to the points raised. Can you please verify your statement by identifying all the benefits we received from the 2000 coup as alluded to above?. I am sure our readers would love to have a glimpse of those truths as you stated. Nice to have some secrets revealed for their consumption. I leave that to you to demonstrate your word's worth. Please.
Otherwise, they are all but hot air and sweeping statements. Hasty Generalisations aimed at chep smearing campaigns against us for reasons only known to yourself.
The scarsm attached to our "nationalistic" political affiliations as alluded to is another point. The Whole world knows that such positions were publicly tested and won at the ballot boxes and polls with international observers in the General Elections of 2001 and 2006. If you look closely, there were an even bigger following in 2006!.
On an individual level, my own position stood the test when I wrestled and won against the Chiefs sponsored SVT Party AS AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE in the 1999 General Election from my Lomaiviti Provincial Fijian Communal Constituency!.
Too bad, if you differ with those "Nationalistic agenda", but they do represent a much bigger numbers of our general electorates, well tested by the polls and very much within the ambit of the Rule of Law!. If you disagree and thought otherwise, then the only correct place to take the issue to are the polls which was what we are all calling for!.
Thirdly, our association with the Freedom and democracy Movements world wide?. You raised the issue as to why we should be actively engaging ourselves in th restoration for democracy in Fiji?.why shouldn't we?. Why should nt we be using the powers bestowed upon us by of our constituents to rise to this occassion and demand the return of our rights and freedoms?.
I think its common sense and very straight forward. For you to question these very simple commitments are a bit of mind bogging.Remember the saying "Evil prosper when good men do nothing"...
As long as I remain the elected MP for our Province of Lomaiviti, I will want to be seen to continue our fight for freedom and restoration of our rights under the Law in Fiji. I count it a privilege and a call to be and will keep pressing on regardless whether it wishes my friends or foes well or ill.
From my perspectives, the only benefits I received from my association with the coups of 2000 are the heavy legal fees for my Court cases, the turmoils of continuing to have people like you Kennedy with some vested agenda to keep crucifying us again and again and the isoaltion I now have from my own people of Lomaiviti as well as my extended family back home in Fiji.
No, they are not easy. Never been from my own experience. Coups are illegal and must never be supported. Freedom for Fiji and our populace.
Thumbs Up for Democracy!.God bless Fiji.


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