Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fiji's Corrupt Leader Wings off with Hated Clan on Latest Overseas Junket

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 03 July 2011

'FIRST' FAMILY OF FIJI: Frank and Mary Bainimarama with their mob .... living it up at taxpayer's expense.
In what is clearly a sign of "I'm the boss and I can do anything", Frank Bainimarama has taken his wife, son and three daughters with him to Singapore on his latest overseas junket.
The illegal leader and wife Mary, son Meli and three daughters have gone to watch Fiji play at the netball world cup in Singapore.
His trip to the Hong Kong Sevens in February (readers you will remember what is now the famous Coupfourpointfive picture of him and soldier son Meli riding in a limousine at that international tournament) apparently cost the Fiji taxpayers $80,000 for him and his entourage of 80.
This latest trip to Singapore is estimated at $40,000.
Imagine the damage the Bainimarama clan could with with the taxpayer credit card if they were allowed into New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup?
Meanwhile back in Suva, Bainimarama's most biddable minions, the illegal police commander Ioane Naivalurua and illegal MINFO chief, Sharon Smith Johns are maintaining the status quo for the absent-yet-again junta leader.
Naivalurua has done another major reshuffle with Smith Johns defending the deplorable action by police this week to shut down the retreat by the Fiji Womens' Rights Movement and to take two of the women in for questioning.
Smith Johns insists the group didn't have a permit but sources say the gutless police backed off from laying charges against the women, including co-ordinator Virisila Buadromo, because of fear of the international publicity.
Fiji, of course, remains in the international eye and the dictator continues to make out to the world he is not the arrogant, oppressive leader we would have the world think he is.


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