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Fiji Dictator Watches as Mara Sisters Both After Provincial Council Chair

Posted on Raw Fiji News 7-11 July 2011

Sisters Adi Ateca and Adi Koila Mara not in good terms

There are talks that Fiji’s first lady, Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau is not in good terms with her older sister, Adi Ateca Mara Ganilau, the wife of former illegal Minister of Defence, Ratu Epeli Ganilau.
It was reported that the two are in the running for the Chairmanship seat left vacant by their brother, Roko Ului Mara.
But sources say the two sisters are playing a cat and mouse game right now with Ateca denouncing her younger sister Koila for not standing up to her husband who signed the decommissioning of their youngest brother, Ului Mara, which subsequently led to the court charges laid against him by Frank’s regime resulting in his get-away fishing trip to Tonga.
Ateca is also up in arms with Koila who has refused to step down from her Chairmanship role in the private company Yatu Lau, which has been the major source of income for the Mara clan.
Ateca is said to have questioned Frank Bainimarama for allowing his first lady get involved with private businesses like Yatu Lau and is peeved that her younger sister and her husband are still living off taxpayers money while she and her husband Epeli Ganilau are struggling to make ends meet after they called it quits from Frank’s regime.
Insiders also say that an instruction has been given by Frank to his office staff that they must ensure neither Ateca nor Koila get the Chairmanship’s role which is going to be decided by the Lau Provincial Council members soon.

Australian company plans iron sand mining in Fiji

RFN says: 
While we encourage entrepreneurial enterprises to Fiji and Amex Resources Limited’s faith in that coup coup land, we can only remind them to make sure that their dealings are above board and beneficial to all parties concerned.
Given the illegal status of Fiji’s military regime, they must be prepared to face future interrogation on how they’ve conducted this very ambitious enterprise in 2008 to present.
They must be prepared to protect their interest when the the tide turns which could cause a disastrous sand pile on their ironsand mining viability in Fiji.
An Australian mining company is one step closer to extracting iron from sands in a Fiji lagoon at the mouth of the Ba River.
Amex Resources Limited has finished a feasibility study confirming likely technical and financial success.
The company’s Technical Director, Tim Putt, says the price of iron has risen substantially since the area was last explored in the 1970s and it has lain domant until 2008 when Amex began testing.
Mr Putt says the company is now preparing to apply for a Mining Lease at the Ba River mouth for an area 15 kilometres long and four kilometres wide.
“On the back of our very positive pre feasibility study we’ve commenced our bankable feasibility study which is our next stage where we really start to tighten up the numbers in terms of budgeting and costs and also looking at the market and potentially off take agreements into China and Asia and as part of that we’ll be submitting a Mining Lease application to the Fijian government.”
Tim Putt says an environmental impact report is included as part of the Mining Lease application.
He says the project is expected to cost US$60 million to get underway and will provide about 300 jobs.
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Fiji a hot spot for minerals and oil : SOPAC report

By Pina Wani
Fiji is actually a hot spot for minerals and oil according to the SOPAC Report on the Status of Oil and Minerals in the Pacific region that was released in 2005-2006.
The Report identifies an area forming a triangle between Indonesia, PNG, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Fiji’s Land and Sea Bed. According to the Report, the Fiji Basin can supply 3.1billion liters of oil.
I was privy to that information when I was in Government prior to being given the marching orders by Khaiyum. The detailed SOPAC Report is unfortunately with the Australian government.All the SOPAC discussion regarding the Report is undertaken in Sydney, the latest meeting a few months back.
A South African Mining Company with Nass Botha (Former Springboks Fist Five) as one of the GMs was the first to identify this mineral galore to the Qarase led government delegation during the 2002 WSSD Meeting in Johanesbugh during a private dinner meeting hosted by the Company. South Africa followed that interest later by opening a South African Embassy in Suva in 2006.
At the same time, 2004-2006, the GCC was pressuring Government for the return of the Qoliqoli to the i taukei (with Queen Victoria’s 1881 Letter as the point of reference) as information about the mineral findings had reached the GCC. The GCC was also concerned about the abuse and lack of financial return and causing poverty that the Vanua was getting from the various industries with low wage rates such as the hotels etc that were utilising the Qoliqoli under the authority of Government (which has not actioned the 1881 letter of the late Queen Victoria).
Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you will look at the situation, two things happened;
1. the SDL proposed that the Qoliqoli be returned under the ambit of the NLTB and to be administered by Government together with the land. Certain Chiefs viewed that NLTB as a hand of Government had caused major adminstration flaws in the past such as the ALTA resulting in Fijis political problems and coups. Moreover, certain chiefs were concerned that it would still be under the Government administration and that the Qoliqoli should be returned directly to the various Vanuas that owned the Qoliqoli and to be administered under GCC. In other words, the need for the Proprietorship Rights of the i taukei to be realised based on Queen Victoria’s letter of 1881.
2. The second thing that happened that we all know was that the hotel industry pressured the Military about the Qoliqoli Bill and in the process, with other issues such as corruption, Bainimarama executed the Coup.
Despite all that the then US Ambassador Larry Dinger reported to Washington as we have witnessed in the earlier thread, the US top Military officials saw it fit to continue to meet with Bainimarama in Sinai and then again in Fiji (for the development of the Blackrock Camp in Nadi) after the Coup in 2006.
My theory is that it is all about money, power and control and that the US was a silent supporter of the 2006 Coup because the return of the Qoliqoli in Fiji could affect the interest of the Multi billionaire financiers of the US government due to the possibility of setting such a multi million dollar lawsuit precedents for the native American Indians in the US coastal mining areas as well as with indigenous people around the world that would affect these Multi billionaire companies and financiers. However, it should be noted that this fear is baseless because the legal entrenchment in relation to the qoliqoli and land claim is unique only to the i taukei in Fiji.
However, Khaiyum has seen the whole picture and is now playing in between the interest of the US, China, the Muslim Nations and the Capitalist world at large at the expense of us the i taukei.
Further, I would like to take us through the following observation notes to tie the loose ends of my blogging stance towards the US.
Note 1-Going back to the South African Company findings, a few weeks ago, Fiji had reciprocated that South African diplomacy in 2005-2006 by opening an Embassy in South Africa by sending Mr Ben Salacakau to be Fiji’s First Ambassador to South Africa.
Note 2-A few weeks ago as well, a high level government delegation from the US was visiting the Pacific on a US Naval Ship and were visiting to hear the “concerns on Fiji by the rest of the Pacific nations” and “trying to secure business interests of the US investors in the Pacific .
Note 3-Indonesian Embassy opened in Fiji in 2002-2006?? and Fiji is opening one in Jakarta a few months back. (Note that Indonesia is identified in the Triangle in the SOPAC Report.Meanwhile, Khaiyum is trying to manipulate the Muslim/Asian connection in Indonesia to advance his cause instead)
Note 4-A Chinese Naval Ship is at the Wharf with high IT capability to monitor internet and communication of foreign and internal plans for destabilisation of the current administration. Anyway, I do not care and I will keep on blogging away to tell the truth.
Note 5- PNG, Solomons and Tonga are part of the Triangle in the SOPAC Report. Note their different stance towards Fiji depending on the two super powers (China and USA) giving aid to them. The more control of the triangle, the more mining area for the corporate backup financiers of these two superpowers will be.
Note 6- The multi million dollar loans from China is based on the $$ potential of the mineral findings in Fiji in the SOPAC Report and other confidential reports.
Note 7- Khaiyum’s Sunset Clause Theisis was in line with this political and financial domination plan but it has been diverted for the Muslim and Asian/Chinese cause . Everyone to be called Fijians and the “fundamental” restructure of the land (note the NZ TV 1 Interview) so that everyone has accesibility to land for the sake of ‘development’ ie tourism, mining etc
Note 8- Khaiyum and Aunty Noor Bano restructuring the NLTB under Ministry of Lands instead of GCC.
Note 9-No GCC and control Methodist Church meetings to tone down the proprietorship rights interest. Taint the i taukei as racists instead if they pursue the issue.
Note 10- Payouts to landowners as mining royalties amounting to just a few hundred thousand dollars in Bauxite mining in Bua and Namosi Copper Mine compared to the millions that they will take out. The i taukei landowners are not aware that the valuation of the mineral potential from their own land is submitted as a loan application to the Bank from which their payment funds were derived from in order for a 99 year mining lease to be approved. The various impacts such as environment degradation, the poverty etc that follows are not considered.
Note 11- The GCC was told by Bainimarama “to go and drink homebrew under the mango tree”. Despite this degradatory comment apart from the Dinger Report to Washigton, the US officials met with Bainimarama after the Coup in Sinai and in Fiji.
Now, it has backfired on the US the way that Khaiyum and Bainimarama are aligning themselves with China and the Muslim nations.
Based on the above facts, I hope that you will now understand why I was blogging like that in regards to the US.

The US, China, Muslim nations or whatever external force must correct the wrong it has created. Let the Vanua have joint ventures (JV) with the Mining Corporations, the Hotels etc for the future sustainability of Fiji. Give Caesar (Vanua) what is Caesar’s and give God what is God’s. Give the Vanua and the VKB members copies of the SOPAC Report and other related findings so that they are aware of the value of their Vanua. Stop this condecending attitude of studying and discussing the SOPAC findings in Sydney while Marika and Luke etc are unsuspecting drinking yaqona in their village in Fiji.
Fiji is a Pluralist Society now but it is still a Homogenous Proprietorship Rights Society. I hate to see Fiji as another Gaza episode. What is happening in Fiji is more than meets the eye!!
Me sa rauta na noda vakayagataki kei na vakalolomataki. E sa vaka na polo ni rakavi o Viti, e ra sa qitotaki keda ka veicaqetaki keda vaka veitalia o ira mai vanua tani me rawa ni nodra kina na qaqa. O koya ga e taura na polo (Viti) based on the Reports and Facts) e sikoa.
I know that with all the intel of these two countries, they can take me out anytime with all the information that I have divulged, but I do not care!!
Sa koya tiko beka ga oya ka vosota ni sa rui balavu na tali magimagi.
God bless Fiji!!


How dictator Frank Bainimarama will continue to underdevelop Fiji Islands

Dictator and civilian torturer Frank Bainimarama
A dictator’s dream is never to have opposition to their rule and to muzzle any dissent as brutally as possible. This allows them to plunder, loot, pillage and ransack unchallenged.
Through a close-knit patronage system, dictators set-up a web of institutions to support their stay in power usually through all means necessary including extrajudicial methods. As the web of institutions fears crumble, they in many cases mislead the dictator to the extent of holding him at ransom for their continued stay. When dictators unfortunately meet their fate, it is clear that their utterances point to an elite whose divorce from reality cannot be overemphasized.
In most cases, their regrets are mainly to have been surrounded by yes-men who end up plunging the nation into unending trouble. These dictators continue to show disregard for the people’s socio-economic aspiration, closing all avenues for the ordinary people’s survival but lining the pockets of elites who benefit from these corrupt schemes.
From the historical dictators in Europe, Asia and the Americas to the modern-day African strongmen, dictatorships continue to provide a source of unending pain for suffering citizens. They continue to see nationals from the afflicted nations failing to express themselves, living paupers’ lives and struggling to even interact with the outside world.
Several nations have been plunged into debt with top elites in those countries having accounts four or five times more than those of the nations they purport to serve. Former Zimbabwean finance minister Chris Kuruneri was able to lend Zimbabwe money to hold an election in 2005 after purported approaches from Gideon Gono who is the reserve bank governor.
In some cases, dictators have taken a dynastic approach to consolidation of power with Togo, Gabon and Swaziland as some of the African countries who continue to suffer under a dynastic hegemony. North Korea and Cuba provide some of the global focal points for such an approach to dictatorships.

FNPF chief Aisake Taito should tell the truth

What should have been the Momi Marriotts Resort but now derelict
Adulterous FNPF CEO, Aisake Taito, said they want serious investors with money and not just ideas or concepts.
He was specifically referring to the founding developers of Natadola and Momi Bay Resort projects who partnered with FNPF.
What Aisake Taito is not telling is the role he and his regime appointed Board did to sabotage the course of both projects bringing both to its knees with Natadola only able to be salvaged after they realised their million dollars  mistake. That salvaging exercise at Natadola, which is now the Inter Continental Resort, cost FNPF members more then $60million, money that was unnecessarily chucked away by the Board if only they were honest with themselves by allowing the project to roll on.
According to the FNPF  own figures, their spending on toursim related buildings and construction like Natadola and Momi was this:
Year                                         ($million)
2003                                            0.3
2004                                            0.2
2005                                          20.8
2006                                          52. 4 (coup Dec 5, 2006)
2007                                       133.8
2008                                       302.2
2009                                       461.5
2010                                       439.1
Now, what Aisake Taito should do instead of generalizing too much is to explain to his FNPF shareholders what happened from 2007 onwards, after the coup of 2006, when there was a sudden leap and huge parcels of money been channeled out from FNPF.
One can deduce from the figures above that the junta appointed FNPF Board and executives sort of went on a spending spree from 2007 and were almost single-handedly responsible for the Natadola and Momi Bay scam.
Members can only hope that a full investigation will be conducted to account for more than $1.3billion paid out by Frank’s Provident Fund board for the period 2007-2010.
Perhaps Taito should also give members an update on whether or not any return, if at all, has been realized from the InterContinental Resort. Or better still, to give a lay-man’s term summary report on the financial performance of InterContinental Resort since its opening.


Frank Bainimarama revealed his treasonous intentions to the Americans

Teary Lesi Korovavala out-maneuvered by Frank Bainimarama
A communique by a former US Ambassador to Fiji, Mr Dinger, detailing his conversation with Frank Bainimarama reveal how poorly the ousted SDL Qarase government read Frank Bainimarama’s intentions to weaken them.
Many believe that Qarase’s SDL government had failed in their duty to act decisively and promptly in removing Frank from his Commander’s position from his many threats he publicly made against them in 2006.
Because of team Qarase’s complacent and emotionally charged  attitude towards Frank’s threats with Qarase’s CEO for Defence, Lesi Korovavalu, bawling in tears during one their meetings with Frank, many Fijians have already formed the impression that Qarase and his key people were a bunch of pussies who didn’t know how to swiftly immobilize Frank, thus avoiding all the burgeoning problems Fiji is in today.
Read this confidential US Embassy document on how poorly team Qarase assessed Frank’s coup intent.

Another reason why Aiyaz Khaiyum, Aslam Khan & Felix Anthony wanted Charles Sweeney out

More revelation is coming to light on the dirty maneuvering Aiyaz Khaiyum continue to play to protect and promote the business interests of coup apologists like Aslam Khan, Vodafone CEO and husband to Nazhat Shameem, a key legal architect of the coup, and the shamed unionist Felix Anthony who is no longer in good terms with Aiyaz and Frank’s team.
In a letter from the then Chairman of the Fijian Commerce Commission, Charles Sweeney, a QC, outlined how Aiyaz’s inner circle sitting as Amalgamated Telecom Holdings board members (parent company of Telecom Fiji, Vodafone, Transtel, Connect etc) were abusing their powers to prevent one of their own subsidiaries, Telecom Fiji, from promoting their mobile wireless EasyTel phones becoming a direct competitor to Vodafone.
Sweeney was serious about his decision highlighting that the matter was litigious.
Telecom Fiji has been completely swallowed up by Aslam Khan’s Vodafone and from Sweeney’s letter below, one can deduce that Aslam wields great power in weakening Telecom Fiji’s competitive initiatives to his advantage. Telecom Fiji is 100% Fijian owned while Vodafone is 51% owned by ATH and 49% owned by Vodafone International Holdings BV in London, raising the question why the ATH board were more supportive towards Aslam’s Vodafone company, especially unionist Felix Anthony who was a board member of ATH and also chairman of Telecom Fiji.
How long can Aiyaz continue to play musical chairs with Fiji’s main commercial life-line like ATH, FNPF, AFL and others while snuffing out the checks and balances apparatus and individuals who work on the premise of transparency and good corporate governance?
See Charles Sweeney’s letter here

Joe Tuamoto pushed aside by Aiyaz Khaiyum and Dave Pflieger

Tourism Fiji CEO Jo Tuamoto, Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Air Pac CEO Dave Pflieger
Joe Tuamoto, Aiyaz Khaiyum and Dave Pflieger
Our well placed sources in Fiji’s tourism industry say Josefa (Joe) Tuamoto, CEO of Tourism Fiji, has been side-lined by Aiyaz Khaiyum, the illegal Tourism Minister and Dave Pflieger, chairman of Tourism Fiji and CEO of Air Pacific.
They say the two, and another Tourism Fiji board member, Shane Cunning, who is also General Manager of Sheraton Fiji Resorts, are the main guys dictating terms for Tourism Fiji and its $25million budget paid for by Fijian taxpayers.
Tourism Fiji were receiving $13million from the ousted Qarase government which generated more than 500,000 visitors annually to Fiji at a more profitable margin. That favorable tourism industry performance was on the backdrop of a more stronger Fiji dollar  compared to it’s weak value now caused by Fiji’s weakening economic performance since the coup of 2006 and the devaluation of the Fijian dollar by 20% in April, 2009.
Under Aiyaz, Dave and Shane’s watch, Tourism Fiji’s budget has sky-rocketed from $13million to $25million (92% increase) but tourist arrivals have not shown a similar leap in numbers. Instead, incremental visitors arrival from that additional $12million has attracted a dismal 100,000+ tourists or 20% more tourists which is not at all impressive  if compared to the 92% increase in Tourism Fiji’s annual budget allocation.
Industry sources say that Tourism Fiji’s chairman, Dave, and his minister Aiyaz are subsidizing Air Pacific’s poor financial performance using Tourism Fiji’s marketing budget. Air Pacific usually allocate around $30-$35million from it’s own funds to finance its annual marketing expense but with the continuing high fuel price and Fiji’s weak dollar to buy fuel and repairs and maintenance gadgets for Air Pacific’s plane fleet, Dave has been forced to adopt destructive measures to prop up his insolvent airline (senior executives and specialised engineers were told to leave Air Pacific and are now replaced by more expensive expatriates, most of them Dave’s friends).
It is this cross-subsidizing of Tourism Fiji’s marketing funds to help keep Air Pacific afloat that is not going down too well with Tourism Fiji CEO Joe Tuamoto.
It is understood that his efforts to reclaim those funds is making him unpopular with Aiyaz and Dave while Shane Cunnings is basking in the free industry information he gets from Tourism Fiji board papers prepared by Tuamoto’s team giving his Sheraton Fiji Resorts an unfair advantage over other tourism operators.

Iowane Naivalurua should start investigation on Frank Bainimarama for beating civilians

Iowane Naivalurua
Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, is said to be a strong faith believer.
But his action is not in sync with his churchified front as he continues to turn a blind eye on allegations against tyrant Frank Bainimarama for leading the group that bashed up five civilians, three of them women.
Our sources tell us that a police report was lodged against Frank Bainimarama regarding that incident but so far, nothing has been done about it by Iowane.
Iowane should be commended for eagerly exerting his policing efforts on high chief Naiqama’s case for fathering a child with a minor and is doing the same, chasing after Rajen Chaudhry for allegation of rape when the police received a complaint from that Indian woman.
But Iowane is also exhibiting hypocrisy by being selective on which investigations to pursue and which ones he shouldn’t, particularly the many crimes that has been committed by Frank’s junta since the coup.
There are also talks that Iowane is trying to solicit support for Frank as part of the dictator’s campaign exercise for the planned Presidential Election in 2014 and has become one of Frank’s close confidante.
Will Iowane be the vessel of justice for the many oppressed Fijian victims


4 Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Sri Lankan prosecutors sacked by Aiyaz’s military regime

Thanks to intelligentsiya blog, they’ve reported this breaking news:
Instead of endowing taxpayers with real news, the illegal and treasonous military regime’s propaganda bugle FBC cannot see their way past reporting the sex lives of the rich and famous.
Intelligentsiya has received reports that on Monday 4 FICAC prosecutors from Sri Lanka were forced to resign after they refused to carry out an order. The 4 were then sacked and given 24 hours to leave Fiji.
Other details remain sketchy as the 4 axed prosecutors were apparently warned against making this public.

Another upcoming Fijian CEO pushed out by Aiyaz’s inner circle

Tourism Fiji ceo “to move on”
Josefa Tuamoto
Tourism Fiji chief executive Josefa Tuamoto will quit the organisation when his contract expires in November, according to reports in Fiji.
Tuamoto is quoted in a community newspaper as saying he will not renew his contract and has achieved his “goals” as head of the tourism body.
Tuamoto, who jetted back to Fiji today after a series of meetings with airlines, wholesalers and agents in Australia, confirmed his contract was up in November but declined to confirm or deny the reports.
“I believe I have done my part and it’s time for me to move on,” Tuamoto is quoted in The Jet newspaper. “My family is very supportive of my decision.”
He said he will turn his attention to his farm in Fiji and dedicate more time to community work.
Although the quotes appear fairly categoric about his intentions to leave, it could also be a way of sending a message to the board of Tourism Fiji; that he will walk away if the terms of a new contract are not right.
Tuamoto was appointed chief executive in 2008 and has presided over strong growth in visitor numbers.


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