Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement Have Mahendra Chaudhry for support

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 17 July 2011

Australia based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has received mixed reactions on their decision to court with Fiji Labor Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry and his key union followers, Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Rajeshwar Singh.

This group of unionist joined Frank and Co’s junta with some serving as Ministers while others got busy with their assorted board appointments in key government-controlled organizations.
FDFM received a similar frosty reaction when they embraced Ului Mara into their fold saying that while they do not support Mara’s actions pre and post coup, they’re open to Ului’s promise that he will continue on with his truth telling he started on You Tube from his newly adopted country of residence, Tonga.
The same thinking has been applied here with the inclusion of Team Chaudhry seen as a necessity to bring together more key politicians into their fight for democracy and freedom. FDFM, in an email to Raw Fiji News, stated the Fiji Labor Party also made a submission (link below) that was read out in the Canberra conference and claim that with SDL representatives and FLP submission the conference represented almost 100% of voters in the last election together with Dr BrijLal a stalwart of the National Federation Party. According to FDFM,  representatives from the majority of the people of Fiji were represented at their Canberra and now Sydney conferences.
Our question is, where is Qarase’s SDL submission and was it read out too, or was SDL represented by default through Simione Kaitani’s presence? Does Kaitani have the SDL party mandate? Kaitani is not the SDL party leader like what Mahendra Chaudhry is to Fiji Labor, therefore the question that should be asked is, where is Laisenia Qarase’s submission, if indeed there was any? Qarase’s silence and non-participation in the FDFM’s initiatives should not be taken lightly as it may very well indicate that he’s not very accepting to the new marriage of convenience FDFM is getting into with the very people who backed Franks’ coup.
Perhaps FDFM should consult with the ousted SDL leader directly like what they’ve done with Fiji Labor leader to give them a more credible mandate to speak on behalf of SDL voters.

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