Monday, July 18, 2011

Fiji Community Evening with Ratu Tevita Mara

Fiji Community Evening with Ratu Tevita Mara

Wellington Fiji Community and Friends are Invited to Attend an Evening to Hear About The Situation in Our Beloved Home Fiji from Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, also known as Roko Ului.
A former Fiji Army Officer who Fled the country, he is Now Actively Promoting a Return to Democratic Rule in Fiji.

Come and Meet Ratu Tevita and Listen to What he Has to Say ABout What is Really Happening in Fiji Under the Present Government. Also Come & Share Your Thoughts About How We Could All Be Part of Efforts to Return Fiji to a Place of Freedom and Peace Without the Control of the Military Over the Lives of its People.
When: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Venue: Pipitea Marae, 55 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.
Time: 7pm start
- Please also come ready to donate to the Cause championed by Ratu Tevita to enable him to promote the message about Fiji.


Organised by the Wellington Fiji Community 
Wellington Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement



Anonymous said...

Listen to what? All the bullshit he has to say. Currently Fiji is on the road to recovery and this guy is making it worse.

We should not sit here in NZ and comment what is right and wrong for Fiji. I was in Fiji recently (after 6 years) and have seen extreme improvements (except things are expensive) which is not different from NZ.

He is here basically to lay blame on the regime for the things he has done. Go and ask random people on the streets of Fiji and see how angry are they with this traitor.

It's not about Fiji regime, it's about his tribal power struggle. I worked for the Fiji government for 9 years and have seen shit. Where was he went these Fijians threw stones and pieces of metal at me, chasing me in the fields. At least no harm was done to ordinary Indians when Frank took over.

So do me a favor, stop all this crap and let me enjoy my rugby.

Kai Viti said...

You can't be a Fijian if that is your idiotic attitude! Speak to the issues unless you're totally blind to the illegalities in Fiji.

Yes go back to your rugby you uninformed prat! What recovery? Every indicator even for IMF, if you know what that is, say Fiji is going down the drain you numbskull and you think you can come and apologise for the illegal regime in Fiji?

He is man enough to admit he is wrong and to do something to right things. We better not see your fat face in Fiji when things get back to normal just like you're enjoying in NZ right now.

No wonder the Fiji Government was shit when it had someone like you working in it for those 9 years! So go back to watch your rugby!

Moce Mada Kumala Vula ni Papalagi...

Toa ni Vala said...


Fiji no doubt was better off when you decided to leave after 9 years living it off like an unadulterated prick!

Good riddance and you're the type Fiji can really do without!