Sunday, July 17, 2011

FDFM: Fight for Fiji democracy has entered a new phase

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 17 July 2011

SYDNEY RALLY: Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Jone Baledrokadroka.

This report from Suliasi Daunitutu for Matavuvale Blog

More than 300 people packed the Belmore Bowling Club last night and pledged their support for the FDFM and ACTU who will impose tougher sanctions on the Bainimarama illegal regime. The decree 21 that Felix Anthony explained to the people last night showed how little this illegal government thought of the workers or more accurately, their welfare.

Bainimarama last week took his family to Singapore on 42 million dollars of taxpayers money for a reunion while his advocate Aiyaz was slapping these restrictions on the common people back home.

This has progressed from DOKADOKA to VIAVIALEVU for Bainimarama and his family and I urge everyone to come together and put a stop to this. Our people in USA, please it is now time to put differences aside and help your brothers and sisters here in Australia fight this war. It can be won quicker if we all engage.

Vinaka Prez USA for your undying support and the continuous attack in cyber warfare, also naita Te, Fanny and Mafi for your contribution to this fight.

Last night the fight entered a new phase when the panel, with the exception of JB and I, consisted of former regime members who have crossed the floor. The fight has completely changed and the balance is slowly tipping in our favour. AK in imposing this suffocating decrees has unknowingly fueled the fire for their demise.

Now we have ACTU on board, this is the institution that will eventually spell disaster for them and they are ready and willing to help FDFM get this "Democracy" quicker to Fiji any way we want or propose. When they ban their Qantas workers from servicing Fiji flights, we will then ask workers in Fiji to boycott and abandon their jobs and go home. Tell your relatives back home that it is important, that they help us if they want jobs security, payrise and workplace freedom of expression to return.
A good meeting and very fruitful.


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