Thursday, July 28, 2011

Divided Fiji Military Need to Stand Up to Bainimarama Once and For All

Posted on - 28 July 2011

by Loruama Tawawili

The division in the military is something we have been hearing for a very long time. No soldier has tried to turn against Bainimarama because they are well fed and cared for.The question of Ammunition is another fact that cannot be substantiated. I would not be the one to try and test that theory that only Bainimarama's bodyguards have ammo. But one thing is certain and that is Bainimarama is begining to feel the isolation of a DICTATOR. 

Britons granting Meli Bainimarama Persona non gratis is making Bainimarama bewilded because he believed in his wildest dreams that Britain could do this. As Roko Ului goes around Australia and New Zealand telling and talking about what really happened in the execution of the 2006 coup we find that Bainimarama has lied and conned his way into Power in Fiji.

There are many things I am sure Aiyarse could have done but that's water under the bridge now. We need to take the bull by the horn and come up with some ideas of how to get rid of this repressive regime.

  • The PER is the biggest evidence of Human Rights abuse and so is the Censorship of the Press.
  • The militarization of the civil service the ousting of the GCC and the incorporation of Government to take over the Matanitu i Taukei is indeed an attack on the Taukei's right to what they own. 
I have always said that anyone can be a Fijian but we must remember that 85% of what Fiji is is privately owned by the Taukeis of Fiji. When everyone accepts this fact then and only then can we Fijians know that ours is a very unique existence and we need to know ourselves first before we delve into the intricacies of what one wants for our Fiji.

Bainimarama is finding that his lies will be his down fall and when History will be written it will say that Bainimarama is the worst thing that could have happened to Fiji.

Vinaka vakalevu Sai Lelea for a very successful visit by Roko Ului. I am sure that most Taukeis are beginning to see the truth of what Bainimarama actually is a dirty rotten scoundrel who is

  •  a murderer, 
  • a liar 
  • torturer and
  •  women abuser.
I only hope and pray that soldiers who are under Bainimarama's spell of Power mongering and deceit realize that the people of Fiji are sufferring because of their illegal actions.

If the non consent to Bainimarama rule is not shown then Bainimarama is doing something that has enabled him to stay in power this long. If all the soldiers who do not support Bainimarama were to throw down their arms and walk away I do not think the minority of the soldiers who support Bainimarama as perceived could do anything about it. Supposing they do. I know for a fact that the populace in general are very afraid of torture up at QEB if they are caught saying anything bad about the illegal Regime.
I understand that it does not mean anything if the dissenters do not do anything if that is the case then Bainimarama must really have a good grip of the Populace and the military.
The question is how do we break this hold by Bainimarama?

As of late there is Bainimarama cheering on the unsuccessful Fiji Netball team, then the trip to Mozambique for the Sugar talks. The EU still will not release the much needed money for Sugar production  and so the downward spiral of the Industry. Then there is the promise and blackmail of and for reforms with borrowed money that our children and their children's children will be paying for a very long time.
Then there is the sacking of the Shri Lankan Magistrates for not towing the line of the regime in giving judgements thus so much for Judiciary fairness. The murder of Overseas bussinessmen in Fiji are not reported in the very much censored news Media and yet the Fijians are content to go along with the facade?
Where is our dignity, where is our pride, where is our justice? Are we just to turn a blind eye? Are we just to accept every lie and not condemn it? Is Bainimarama that strong that even the soldiers are afraid of him?
Roko Ului is now opening up all Bainimarama's lies and deceipts and yet the people of Fiji are just too afraid to do anything. What is becoming of us Fijians? Has Bainimarama really succeeded in showing our weaknesses as being afraid of him? Surely there is someone there, somewhere in Fiji who will say enough is enough. But who?

Plea by Te Vonolagi to Fijian Soldiers:

  • Ni raica mada na ka sa yaco tu mai Viti ena gauna oqo vei kemuni na sotia. E rua ga e lewa tu na cicivaki ni noda vanua lomani o Viti. Bainimarama kei Khayum. Nai sau ni yaya sa tubu cake, sa sega na dodonu e tu vua e dua na tamata cakacaka vakavo ga vei kemuni na sotia(vaqumi e nai sau kei na allowance mo ni vakalomavinakataki tu kina).
  • Ni rai wavoki mada kemuni na sotia ko ni kauwaitaka tu na bula ni tamata ena noda vanua lomani o Viti. Na sotia ga e leqa tiko nona vakasama baleta e nauma tikoga na nona taga e na cala tiko nona rai.
  • Look at all the places that Bainimarama has been to Almost all the countries in the world. No PM in Fiji has ever used as much taxpayers money as him. Taking his family to Singapore with all his inlaws and insulting our netballers. Anyway, only a blind can lead the blind.
  •  Wake up Fiji and see the reality of the situation and act

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