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Bainimarama's wife and daughters called for 'loser' netballers to get the boot

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 15 July 2011

NOT SO GOLDEN GIRLS: Coach Una Rokoura (second left). According to reports the Bainimarama's want her and others out.

Critics say cheers were really jeers! pic Fiji Sun
More inside reports have come in about the Bainimarama's trip to SIngapore and the disastrous results of Fiji's netball world cup squad.

A source says all four of the Bainimarama children went on the controversial taxpayer funded trip, including Frances and Ateca who are in the United Kingdom married to British Army boys.

Insiders say the entourage was made up of Frank and Mary Bainimarama, Rubyann, Litiana, Meli, Frances, Ateca and Bernie, and Litiana's husband Eremasi.

And they say the Bainimarama women were apparently  jeering the Fiji Team for much of the tournament. They're accused of screaming insults at the squad and demanding a change in line-up. Litiana is said to have been giving her orders directly to coach,  Una Rokoura, and when she didn't pay her any attention, she started insulting the players.

Insiders say after the game with Wales, Mary, Rubyann and Litiana told the president of Fiji Netball, Wainikiti Bogindrau, to tell Una Rokoura she wasn't good enough to be the coach for her country and that the team was unworthy of the support of the illegal prime minister.

Critics say the Bainimaramas didn't even bother to visit the camp but instead demanded that Matila Waqanidrola, the Captain, resign and retire from the sport immediately.

According to the netball circuit Mary Bainimarama also told Waqanidrola Simone Nalatu should be sent home and that the two shooters, Maria and Afa, were hopeless and must be dropped immediately.

She is also reported to say the team needs an overseas coach. According to some the call to dump Una Rokoura is ironic since her brother, Captain Aseri Rokoura, is Bainimarama's Number One PSO Officer.

The FIji Netball executives and management are believed to be deeply shocked by the behaviour of the Bainimarama women and their insults of the Fiji coach and the team.

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