Friday, July 08, 2011

Asco Deal Scam with Illegal PM and AG Bagging Millions in 10% Kickbacks

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 08 July 2011

The four year deal between the illegal government and Asco Motors has been revealed as a major corporate scam with claims the self-appointed prime minister and treasonous attorney general are both benefiting from a 10 per cent commission from the arrangement.

The multi-million dollar deal for lease vehicles for the Defence Forces such as the police, navy, army and prisons was hailed as extremely good for 10 million dollars, including serving costs and government saves money and maintenance costs, when it was signed off by the Ministry of Finance.

But the cracks in the deal have emerged with sources saying the fine print will see the Fiji taxpayer paying unnecessarily for a deal that sees both the illegal PM and AG cashing in.

A close look at the MOU between the illegal government and Asco Motors shows that of the 133 vehicles which are expected to last for four years, just 20 will go the distance and that most will have to be returned to Asco within two years.

The MOU signed by the Finance Minister, Frank Bainimarama, and vetted by the illegal AG office clearly states that:

1) All lease vehicles must only be used up to the mileage of 150,000km at which time it must be serviced
2) Any usage after 150,000km will incur a cost of $50.00 per km. 
3) Any damage to the vehicles under lease must be met by the interim government as additional expenditure.

With the frequent use of lease vehicles (most of them are Twin cabs and will be used by the police), it is expected that they will reach 150,000km within a year and half.

In an earlier $10 million dollar deal with Asco Motors in 2009, about 80 vehicles out of 100 ended up being returned to the company well before the expected deadline of 2013.

Inside sources say taxpayers would've been spared such an exorbitant cost had the illegal government bought the vehicles outright. They say the vehicles would've had solid life of 10 years, especially as most of the government departments like police and army have their own traffic pools with about 20 mechanics servicing the fleets.

In fact, sources say the country is being taken for the ride of a lifetime and that the lease deal with Asco is just one example of the sort of business deals that Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum are benefiting from.

They say the illegal PM is taking bribes of 10% from all investors coming into Fiji and that investors are basically being told to cough up or stay out. They say when Jim Ah Koy was ambassador to China, all of the Chinese investors who are now in Fiji paid the self-appointed PM 10% of their total investment.

They also say the Chinese businessmen take offerings such as liquor and cooked food every weekend to the PM's house and that they're also pay for his shopping while he is overseas.
Inside sources believe that with all the new mining industry that have started, the cement factory, land development and the recent Mahogany deal, Bainimarama has bagged close to $25 million from investments of $250 million in the last four years.

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