Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Anthony Gates and Shaista Shameem gang up against Aiyaz Khaiyum to save themselves

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 05 July 2011

Anthony Gates taking his illegal oath and committing treason in the process
Two main coup instigators who lurked behind the scenes on the eve of Frank’s December 2006 coup and forcefully presented themselves as coup apologists thereafter are now ganging up to try and salvage whatever is left of their dilapidated reputation.
Well placed sources are reporting that Fiji’s illegal Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, and the questionable human rights lawyer, Shaista Shameem, have found just the right case to use to try and wiggle themselves out of the many unlawful acts they’ve committed since the 2006 coup.
David Burness, a Fiji National Provident Fund pensioner, and a close friend and neighbor to Shaista Shameem’s Suva Point home, is now been crowned by the two legal eagles with their “victim’s” crown (like the one worn by rural farmer Chandrika Prasad) and subsequently thrust onto the public domain where Gates and Shameem will apply all their legal powers, knowledge and maneuvering to maintain his 25% pensioner’s annuity rate, while at the same time using their legal representation and judicial manipulation to tell Fijians and the world that they are all about upholding the rule of law.
Anthony Gates and Shaista Shameem are seasoned legalistic individuals and they have the legal cunnings that can undo Aiyaz Khaiyum, Christopher Pyrde and Nazhat Shameem’s continuing efforts to legitimize Frank’s coup beast they all helped create.
Gates couldn’t be happier when Aiyaz Khaiyum went on TV3 just last week denouncing any suggestions of the Fiji judicial system being compromised and biased against dissidents of the coup.
To prove Aiyaz right, Gates and Shaista saw it timely to work together in creating a safe passage for David Burness’s case, at least through the court’s registry system, which was unheard of after the coup.
The two carved a two-edged sword meant to kill the “compromised Fiji judiciary” tag headed by Gates, and to cut open Aiyaz’s decrees they themselves helped conceive, to let in human rights cases starting with Burness’s.
Gates and Shaista also know from their legal contacts that their names are before the International Criminal Court who are moving in on them. The only way to stop them is to prove that the decrees disallowing civilians from seeking redress in the Fijian courts for unfair treatment and breaches of their human rights which is causing many Fijian civilians to take their cases to the International Criminal Court, have been somewhat relaxed, at least for this one particular case involving David Burness.
It’s important to understand that there were many similar human rights breaches court cases that were brought before Anthony Gates judicial system since December 5th 2006 but none of them made it past the court registry because the likes of Gates, Shaista Shameem, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Pyrde and Nazhat Shameem made sure that no such case is accepted at the court registry back then to allow Frank’s tyrannical agenda to gain momentum.
That stance have now changed with the David Burness case.
So what’s so special about David Burness and his unfair treatment by the regime’s appointed FNPF board that makes his life worth more and superior to those of Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka who were brutally murdered by Frank’s same regime?
Is it because David Burness is an affluent Suva Point part-European resident who’se perceived to be more “civilized” with more rights than Nakelo working-class indigenous Fijian villager like Nimilote Verebasaga or Votualevu Housing Commission indigenous resident like Sakiusa Rabaka?
Why didn’t Gates or Shaista do what they’re doing now to David Burness, extended to Nimilote and Sakiusa who have lost their lives from their 2006 coup shenanigans?
Is it because of their indigenous Fijian ethnicity that Gates and Shaista saw unworthy of their professional services and consideration?
Why is Shaista Shameem acting on behalf of David Burness on a probono (free of charge) basis now, when she conveniently refused to represent civilians who were tortured by the military regime when she was head of Fiji’s Human Rights Commission funded by the international community?
Why is Anthony Gates allowing David Burness’s court case submission by Shaista Shameem to be accepted at his court registry over others?
It is very obvious that some conniving works are at play amongst Frank’s own legal minders and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are now attacking each other using the same deceitful web they knitted to usurp authority.
That same deceitful web will entangle and swallow them sooner rather than later as they begin to feed on each other now.

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