Thursday, June 16, 2011

The true story from Lau : Roko Ului Mara

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 16 June 2011

By Lt. Col. Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
I want to correct the statement released by the Ministry of Information regarding Bainimarama's recent visit to Lau.
In the papers on Wednesday they led with a story "Mara Clan seeks Pardon!" That is not true. Firstly there is no Mara Clan. There are the Mara Family and the Vuanirewa Clan. What is true is that no-one in the Mara family has asked the PM for a pardon or an apology. I am proud of the stand that I have taken. I know I have the support and confidence of both the Mara family and the members of the Vuanirewa Clan.
This apology was made without the consent of the senior members of the clan and none were present at the Matanigasau. On Tuesday two junior members of the Vuanirewa clan met with Bainimarama the leader of the illegal regime in Fiji and apologized for my actions. They had no authority to do so. Not one of the senior members of the Vuanirewa clan of Lakeba was present at the Matanigasau.
This had only happened because the regime used a very strong "stick and carrot approach."
The carrots we have seen and read in the papers every day. Bainimarama has promised the people of Lau boats, schools, jetties; in fact everything they have asked for.
The "stick" by Bainimaraa was a threat that Lau would be cut off from government funds if they did not show their support. To make sure all went to plan, Bainimarama dispatched a Lauan soldier called Malolo to Lakeba 1 week in advance. It was his job to make sure that a ceremony took place. Even using threats, he was only able to force two junior members of the Vuanirewa clan to attend. The rest was made with members of the Vanua.
I find this laughable and shows just how desperate Bainimarama is to show he has the support of the people. But now we know it is all show and no substance. The little he has, exists only because of the promises and bribes he makes using borrowed money.
In contrast the support for democracy is growing every day. The People of Fiji now have hope there will be elections and there is a real alternative to Dictatorship
Thumbs up For Democracy
God Bless

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