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Tragedy at Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement Meeting in Australia as Dictator Gets Ready for Unwanted Lau Visit

Posted by Raw Fiji News -  12 June 2011

Fiji democracy and freedom fighter Jone Tui (nearest to camera) moments before he fell ill
Dear Freedom Advocates,
Yesterday, Sunday the 12th of June at 2.00am Pastor Jone Tui was called to rest. After lunch on Saturday he began to have breathing difficulties and felt nausea to which we tried to comfort him and I called an ambulance which took him to the Queanbeyan hospital. He was later transferred to the Canberra hospital after he was stabilised, but unfortunately, he passed early on Sunday morning.
As it is a long weekend in Australia, there will be a post mortem conducted tomorrow on Tuesday the13th at the John James Medical Centre after which his body will be transferred to the funeral home.
The FDFM Australia has met and we have approached Radini Talatala to consult her and the members of her family with my personal suggestion to take Talatala back to Sydney, as it was our meeting which brought them here. I still have to respect Radini's wishes, because of the family and the Assembly of God Church. Radini has agreed that the FDFM Australia should escort Talatala back and the family to take Radini back to Sydney where the relatives from Yasawa will be waiting for us.
The FDFM Australia will make sure that Talatala J. Tui's last journey back to Sydney from his last FDFM meeting is done with dignity and he is accorded all the respect he is due. He was a man of God, and to his last breath he prayed for the freedom of his country and its people.
His death also brings great grief to me as the interim national FDFM President, as he was one of my strongest supporters and personally called me to take this position when our former President resigned earlier in the year. He didn't want our movement to operate without a leader and he thought that I was the man to lead us in our fight. This humbles me.
When I take Talatala back on his final journey, I will be representing FDFM Worldwide and I will mention this when we say our final good-bye before we lay him to rest.
Talatala is survived by his wife alone as they don't have children. We will carry on the fight, and we will stay true to the cause, we owe him that.
For strength: Kevaka eda sa bula, eda sa bula ena vuku ni turaga.
Kevaka eda sa mate, eda sa mate ena vuku ni turaga.
O koya oqo, eda sa nona kina na turaga, se da bula se da mate.
I will miss him and I know all FDFM members feel the same.
Suliasi Daunitutu
(Interim National FDFM President, Australia)

Sexual pervert Frank Bainimarama's military abused me : Fijian victim

Sexual pervert and Fijian civilian basher Frank Bainimarama with his wife Mary

It's ironic how a victim's report have surfaced today on Queen Elizabeth's birthday Monday holiday in Fiji.
A professional Fijian male has articulately described how he was severely tortured by Frank Bainimarama's military forces on May 14th, 2007,  naming both of Frank's renegades, Pita Driti and Ului Mara as key henchmen carrying out what they've learnt from their master.
The Queen of England must be embarrassed with the tragic events happening at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva, Fiji, and with the release of another heart-wrenching recount of an abused Fijian civilian within the QEB compound on Queen Elizabeth's birthday holiday,  Fijians must be wondering why the Queen and her British High Commissioner in Suva are not doing much in rebuking what has become Frank's civilian torture chambers.
This is the Fijian victims statement:
On May 14th 2007 at approximately 5.00pm in the afternoon while going home after work I received a telephone call from a friend in Nadi, ?????? telling me that Republic of Fiji Military Forces Chief of Staff, Roko Uluilakeba Mara called him to ask as to where I lived as they were hunting me down as a suspect for blogging on Raw Fiji blog site against the military regime.

Mr ????? who sounded frightened and scared said Colonel Mara was angry and was abusing me on the phone to him saying they would kill me once they got me.

Mr ????? told me that he lied to Colonel Mara not knowing where I lived and insisted they come and take me from where I worked in ?????????

I tried my best not to worry much about the warning and got home to see my ???????

Although I did my best not to be scared I couldn't sleep that night sitting up on my bed in my room facing the road waiting for the time the military would arrive to pick me up.

All throughout I kept praying to God that I would only be taken an interrogated and ho through the torment and torture other pro-democracy and human rights activists hasd gone through at the army camp in Nabua.

The next morning which was Tuesday 15th 2007, there was a water outage at where I live ?????? so at approximately 8.30am I called the office to be excused for an hour or so before I could come in.

The call was received by the receptionist who was half crying and shaken whispering to me over the phone that her room was full of military men in uniform wanting to see me and if I could just hurry up and get to the office immediately.

I did so and took a cab to the office at ????? to find that there were no military personnel there but staff of the ??????? dazed and waiting around the carpark for my arrival saying that the soldiers had just returned looking for me.

I was told at my arrival that soldiers amounting to around 40 in number had come in 2 Renault trucks and 2 pickup vans to take me and that they were returning to pick me but in the meantime to call their commanding officer, Captain Toanikere who had left behind his mobile phone number.

I called Captain Toanikeve who advised me to report immediately to the army's 3FIR Unit at the Queen Elizabeth's Barracks in Nabua to see Major Suliano.

I then went to see my Director ???????? to explain the situation I was in and he agreed that the company vehicle take me to Nabua.

The driver and I them made our way to Nabua, which and only at that time did the reality of the situation I was in dawned on me which scared me to death knowing that I many not return alive home that afternoon.

We got to the Nabua (4 miles) entrance to the army camp and as soon as the soldiers on guard saw the ?????? vehicle stop at the entrance gate, 3 of them got in with their guns and directed the driver to the other entrance to the camp (Mead Road) where the Military Police cells are.

As soon as we got there, they ordered me to het off and ushered me into the building and lpcked me up in one of the cells.

Some minutes later the guard came to tell me that Land Force Commander Colonel Driti was on his way to see me and that I should be ready for the punches and torture that will ensure, as I deserved it because of being against the military Government and what it stood for.

Almost an hour later at 11.00am Colonel Driti stormed into the building with five other senior officers swearing at me on their way in even before getting to the cell I was locked in.

That was when the torture began.

Colonel Driti came in and said before the interrogation started that should lick his boots which he did not polish that morning and that was all I was good for!

For the life of me I did, and as soon as I started to lick his right boot, he kicked my face back which got me flying to the corner of the room.

I got up from where I was and got taunted and tormented with swear words amidst punches and kicks and forced to admit I was a blogger and author of a lot of writings in the blog about former Director of Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem.

Colonel Driti told me to admit to the allegations as they had evidence that I was the author of most blogs in the Raw Fiji blogsite because of my work as a former Human Rights Educator and activist and also being a journalist.

After an hour of torment and torture, they left me and Colonel Driti told me that when they returned at 2.00pm, I should have the names of people that I blog with or humiliating things would happen to me.

He then turned to the other officers and said that they should look forward to 2.00pm as I would be serving them "hot oral sex from an expert" like me!

They returned at 2.00pm and again the interrogation began with Colonel Driti shoving, punching, pushing and asking me whether I was ready to perform oral sex on the guards that were on duty then.

I said I would, if that would mean getting released and he replied saying that it was not part of the deal, but a part of the military hospitality they offered people like me who were constantly going against the efforts of the military government.

Then Colonel Driti called in two guards to stand in front of me and said that if I wanted to be released to then perform oral sex on the two men.

When I refused he ordered me to get up and go for the two guards.

As I moved to the first one to unzip his pants the guard punched me in the face which got me reeling to the floor amidst swears and mockery and laughter amongst the guards and officers including Colonel Driti, who were in the audience.

I stood my ground telling Colonel Driti that I was being wrongfully accused and that neither I nor anyone I knew of, ever blogged on any anti-military blogsites and no matter how long they detained or tortured me I could not admit or give names of  people that blogged.

It was around 4.00pm when he told the guards to take me out of the cell to the grounds in the lower camp and I was told to take off my shirt and sulu vakataga (wrap around skirt for men) and jog around the length of the ground in my underwear only, until I was told to stop.

I can not remember the number of laps I did maybe 5 or 6 rounds in the heat of the afternoon sun in full view of a spectacle of both men and women soldiers. Again all this I did amidst their swears, humiliating comments, ridicule and taunts.

After jogging around the grounds I was then told to stand in the sun until it went down at 6.30pm.

I was then taken back to the military cell where I was locked again and given someone's leftover rice and dhal to feed on!

Although I was disgusted by the sight of the food and smell I had to eat at least a mouthful as I knew the torture would begin sooner or later after that.

I may have slept a while tired from the day's event and woke up with Colonel Driti's boots kicking my backside to get up.

I did so and again he kept forcing me to admit to their wrongful allegations and name other people involved in trying to sabotage the military regime's efforts.

By then I was too drained physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally to even care about getting released, as I had gone through the worst day of my life on earth and was prepared to die, but I was never going to be intimidated by their torture and persecution into admitting to their accusations and allegations.

I had been tortured and humiliated enough to even want to live another day.

I told Colonel Driti that I have nothing else to say to them and of they wished they could take my life away but I will not admit to their wrongful allegations which would only make life worse for the innocent people they would later haul up to the camp if I cooked up names.

It was then that Colonel Driti told me that I was going to be released warning me that if I went to the media, police or medical authorities, he was coming back for me and to expect leaving the camp in my body bag.

The guards escorted me out of the army gates at 9.00pm to wave down a taxi and go home.

On anti-government tour, Fiji's Mara expected in New Zealand
Ului Mara

A former Fiji military officer, Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, is expected to meet New Zealand government officials as early as this week after Wellington granted him an exemption from a travel ban on Fiji coup makers.
Col Mara, who was a co-conspirator of the 2006 military coup, skipped bail and fled to Tonga last month after being charged with sedition.
Now travelling on a Tongan passport, he is in Australia and plans to tour the region before going to the UN to lobby for an end to the military-run government in Fiji.
Col Mara has accused the interim leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, of serious human rights abuses and asked police to investigate.
The interim government has not denied the torture claims but did reject Col Mara's figures of the interim prime minister's pay as wrong, without revealing what his taxpayer-funded salary is.
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Dictator Bainimarama stays clear from deposed PM Qarase's village

Deposed Fijian Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase with his grand-daughter
Sources say bully-boy Frank Bainimarama and his spin doctors are about to bombard Fijian media outlets with his Queens Birthday long weekend Lau trip Presidential campaign trail.
But what they won't tell the Fijians is Frank's silent fear of two important issues they would rather keep under wraps.
One is his own naval's stand-off with the Tongan navy over some reef near Tonga which he claim belongs to his gestapo.
He had sent his AusAid funded naval boat to go spy on the Tongans who are busy erecting lighthouses cowardly demolished by Frank and his ex-convict  brother-in-law navy chief, Francis Kean.
Frank wants to win back those reefs with his ultimate mission to liberate its sea-life creatures – forget about liberating the Fijian people, his sea pets come first as a sailor-boy.
He is expected to visit Ono-i-Lau towards the tail-end of his trip and this island is very close to the controversial reefs Frank is wanting to lay claim on.
He will be hosted there by his illegal Minister for Women, Jiko Luveni's relatives in Nukuni village.
There is every likelihood that he won't be too far from the Tongan naval vessels who will be patrolling those reefs.
Frank will have to make sure he's not exposed to the Tongans who might just pluck him from sea thinking he was another stray fisherman.
Another maneuver Frank must consider is how he must avoid setting foot near Mavana village in Vanua Balavu, deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's village.
Sources say Qarase is in residence at his village home and it is most unlikely that Frank will pay him a courtesy call.
Frank will instead be hosted at Mualevu, where his illegal Minister of Education, Filipe Bole comes from.
Frank's much touted Lau Province trip is a fuss.
It's a poorly staged deceitful public relations exercise by Frank and his spin doctors in their attempt to showcase their "rent a crowd" Lauans made up of their own Ministers families, a far cry from democratically elected Prime Ministers tours like Qarase and Chaudhry, who were always a big attraction to most rural dwellers.

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