Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten-point Plan to Return Fiji to Democracy first step in move to Oust Dictator Bainimarama government

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 10 June 2011

A transitional plan to return Fiji to democracy has been revealed by the Australian democracy movement and the organisers of tomorrow's Canberra forum.

It's hoped the forum will be the catalyst for a strategic alliance with SDL, FLP, Vanua, Church, Unions and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Leaders Forum.

The 10-point plan includes the removal of the Public Emergency Regulations, the restoring of the 1997 Constitution and the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

It also touts a caretaker prime minister and the reconvening of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Significantly, the plan calls for the military to disengage from a civilian role and to return to barracks peacefully.

The plan has been released ahead of tomorrow's forum which is being hosted by theCanberra-Queanbeyan (NSW) chapter of the Democracy Movement.

Mara, who is already in Australia and who has joined forces with former land force commander Jone Baledrokadroka, is guest speaker.

Transitional Plan for Democracy in Fiji
A statement by the Fiji Democracy Movement of Australia

Fiji’s 2006 coup has reached an impasse. The economy is stagnating, international relations are deeply troubled, human rights have been violated, and political life has been stifled. The original promise was of a short interlude of military rule paving the way for a vibrant multiracial democracy. Fiji has instead lurched towards a long-term military dictatorship. We urgently need a new way forward to pull Fiji back from catastrophe. The Fiji Democracy Movement stands ready to lead this struggle.

1) Remove the Public Emergency Regulations (PER) to allow political life and dialogue to emerge afresh in Fiji.

2) Allow freedom of speech and immediately cease all media censorship.

3) Restore the 1997 Constitution with an appropriate electoral system, including the removal of communal rolls.

4) Respect the verdict of the Fiji Court of Appeal, and allow a caretaker Prime Minister to lead the country to fresh elections in 2012.

5) Restore full diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries, the Pacific Islands Forum, Commonwealth, European Union and the United Nations.

6) Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to initiate a national healing process to ensure that no community in Fiji is victimised.

7) Re-empower institutions of governance, including allowing democratic elections for such bodies as municipal councils, industrial associations, trade unions and statutory organisations.

8) Allow the Great Councils of Chiefs to reconvene to deliberate on the affairs of the nation.

9) Restore public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and the civil service.

10) Disengage the military from civilian roles and to facilitate their orderly return to the barracks.

Tomorrow's Forum Venue: Ukranian Hall Queanbeyan, just outside Canberra starting at 2pm.


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