Friday, June 10, 2011

Sakiusa Raivoce Supports to Roko Ului's Fight for Democracy in Fiji

The following letter has been sent by Sakiusa Raivoce to Raw Fiji News blog following a story about prominent Lau people and their position on Ratu Tevita Mara's campaign against the illegal regime in Fiji.

Widely acknowledged as a shrewd businessman, tough and proud former military officer, Raivoce clearly wants to correct any misguided assertion that he is not behind Roko Ului in his quest to topple the illegal regime of Bainimarama. Raivoce has been a constant threat to the regime in Fiji as evidenced by his repeated questioning and harassment by the regime thugs, culminating in the firebombing of his house.

I am also proud to know of this courageous Fijian and have no hesitation in endorsing his statement of support below for Roko Ului.

Raivoce (right) at his daughter's graduation in UK
Raw Fiji News

I resent and object in no uncertain terms to the recent post on your blogsite which contains a photo of my family and myself over a negative conjecture report which paints a false picture of our Lau Chief, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.

First of all, putting my family picture over the false report suggests that me and my family are opposed to Ratu Tevita and do not support his present campaign. I would like to state emphatically and unequivocally that my family and I fully support his campaign to restore in Fiji, parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and the restoration of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens. 

The people of Lau, as far as I am aware, respect and admire their Young Chief.

I ask you to publish my letter immediately on your blogsite to correct the mischievous and unacceptable use of my family photo over a report that is untrue.

Sakiusa Raivoce
Namadi Heights


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Anonymous said...

Malo Raivoce. Qai vosa talega vei Rusi (Tuirara), me qarauna a meca dau kaya.