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No election in 2014 : Dictator Bainimarama’s Text Message

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 29 June 2011

Fiji military Commander Bainimarama delivers a statement to news media in Suva (file photo)
Foul mouthed Frank Bainimarama
A text message from Frank Bainimarama’s mobile cited by Raw Fiji News (RFN) say there will be no election in 2014 which is contrary to what the dictator and his side kick Aiyaz Khaiyum said recently on his TV3 interview aired in New Zealand lately.
The Fiji mobile number 9905798 where the text message was sent from is the same number Frank Bainimarama claims is his own and he has been on record telling the Fijian public to call him on that same number if they have any complaints or issues they want to raise with him.
We’re not sure how many people have managed to speak directly to Frank on that mobile number but after reading through the text messages exchanged between Rajesh Singh, secretary of the newly formed Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement New Zealand, and Frank’s mobile, another person by the name of Naliva had identified himself as the person using Frank’s mobile number.
Naliva is a senior military officer who was named by victims as a key person inflicting torture on Fijian civilians.
According to Naliva, “the boss” said there will be no election because the people don’t want it.
Profane words were sent from Frank Bainimarama’s mobile phone leaving much to be desired on the mindset of the phone owner and user.

Dictator Bainimarama caught with his racist slurs to NZ based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

29 June, 2011
In a series of shocking sms messages, Fiji’s illegal and self appointed prime minister has now confirmed that elections in Fiji will never be held.
The truth about the elections slipped out in one of the many abusive, racially inflammatory and vulgar text messages sent by Bainimarama himself from his prime ministerial mobile number; (9905798) at about midday to my mobile (0212087182) on Sunday, 26 June. Everyone in Fiji knows that this number belongs to the dictator.
This revelation fits in with the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielelagaoi expressing his opinion that the 2014 elections promised by Bainimarama must not be taken with any seriousness at all. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele referred to Bainimarama’s dishonest conduct in dealing with the Forum when he failed to honor his promise of elections in 2009 as reasons why promises by Bainimarama were meaningless.
“The revelations contained in the bizarre messages coming from a deranged leader who has completely lost the plot and stands completely isolated, internationally and regionally. This is typical Bainimarama with little education and poor intellect caught in his web of lies and deceit”.
As usual Bainimarama mocked indigenous institutions such as the  GCC and showed utter contempt for the Methodist Church and the Vanua. However, this time the Indian community has been maligned as well. The man who professes to be  eliminating racism in Fiji has a totally different view about Indians privately. He insinuated that there is a category of low class Indians in Fiji. Can Bainimarama come clean on his low class Indian remark? These insults will not be forgotten easily and makes a mockery of his so called charade for equal rights for all citizens. He is a hypocrite using the Indian community for his own preservation and glorification. Instead of uniting the nation he is dividing the people by class of sorts.
His diatribe did not stop here. He made shameful reference to the Moari people to my horror. This is very disturbing indeed. Hurling insults will not get him anywhere and he should seek anger management and psychological help with some urgency.
The convictions of an agitated man confirm one thing clearly. The man is unstable and cannot be trusted. This information gives us more reason to work together and force his regime out. His true personality comes through clearly with his disgusting and shameful remarks.
The question remains how can we condone such as person to lead a government of any form or shape?
Rajesh Singh


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