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Military Advisors in Chaudhry Overthrow Named in Roko Ului and Baledrokadroka Videos

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 25 June 2011

Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadroka's first 'tell all' videos have been released revealing key information around the overthrow of the Mahendra Chaudhry government and how Laisenia Qarase came to be chosen by Frank Bainimarama to be prime minister.

Also revealed are the names of people who  acted as advisors to the Military Council after the overthrow of Chaudhry's government. The military advisors at the time were Laisenia Qarase, Alipate Qeitaki, Anare Jale, Savenaca Siwatibau and Savenaca Narube.Re what role the above named played to the Military Council, Suliasi Daunitutu, who made the videos, says: "According to what JB said in this video, all those named were picked by the military to be in the notorious Military Council. They were nowhere near the Speight mob, as he said, they disabled the Speight movement at Kalabu."
Baledrokadroka details, too, the Blueprint for Affirmative Action that was put together by Qarase and the military Council.

And he also talks about his role in the storming of the school in Kalabu during the 2000 coup. He says that after the Muanikau Accord was signed between Frank Bainimarama and George Speight, Speight's supporters left Parliament and moved into Kalabu school. 

The Muanikau Accord guaranteed the release of hostages in return for immunity for George Speight and his supporters.

Baledrokadroka says when three buses of Speights supporters left Parliament, they robbed the market at Laqera and all the surrounding shops. When the soldiers stormed the school, they found classrooms full of groceries and full freezers with food and beer.

Bainimarama's former land force commander outlines, too, the involvement of President Josefa Iloilo and how Bainimarama navigated himself around each thorny issue and how he and Mara  were involved.

The next videos are expected to be about the mutiny against Frank Bainimarama at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. 

Here is a quick summary in English of what was said in the videos (thanks to Sireli from Matavuvale):
  • Roko Ului and JB suggested that Fiji needs go back to 2000 and clear the air as to who was involved. Only through an investigation can Fiji be clear of why the 2006 coup happened and who was behind it. 
  • The army is suspected to have been involved in the 2000 coup, and Bainimarama was the leader. Direction of gun distribution can only be authorised by the leader. 
  • Laisenia Qarase, Alipate Qeitaki, Anare Jale, Savenaca Siwatibau and Savenaca Narube were appointed into the military council.
  • Affirmative action was military owned. Qarase was appointed as PM and endorsed  by none other then Bainimarama because of his business experience instead of Rt Epeli who was a preferred PM then. 
  • Rt Inoke was a broker appointed by Speight and agreed by Bainimarama. 
  • George Speight moved to Kalabu because he wanted to make his own government to fight the new government. Speight was removed from Kalabu because they were stealing and ransacking the surrounding shop, houses and markets in the area. 
  • JB and Roko Ului were involved in Speights arrest.
  • A decision to overthrow Mahendra Chaudhry's government was made by 1 person only.

Meanwhile, Fiji's extradition order to Tonga has been dismissed by the government there. Ratu Tevita Mara says he is obviously pleased and Tonga's decision demonstrates "the difference between a democratic country operating under the rule of law compared to a dictatorship operating under the whim of Bainimarama and Khaiyum, the puppet and the puppet master".

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