Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lealea: Divisions Can be Resolved

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 29 June 2011

An interview with Sai Lealea, the interim president of the newly formed Fiji Pro-Democracy Movement in Wellington
1) How many meetings are planned for Roko Ului to meet the community, in Auckland and Wellington?
Am only looking at meetings in Wellington and subject to Mara's VISA & liaison with Aussie, keen to have a number of meetings in addition to community. Others to include, Politicians (Party Leaders/Spokespeople), Academics, Business/Legal, Tangata Whenua. All just proposals at this stage.

2) If the Government allows him to stay longer, how many meetings (and where) are anticipated?
Keen to have meetings in main centres. Contact and interest already shown by Christchurch and other centres to be confirmed.

3) Isn't the two weeks pushing it? John Key and Murray McCully have already said Mara has to stay on the travel ban rather than be taken of, as Australia has done. 
We need to make the case that Mara offers real chance to add impetus to hasten regime change in Fiji. More to be gained working with him than without, something Australia has grasped. It is after all the same outcome we all seek for Fiji.

4) Regarding the current divisions involving the Fiji Coalition and Rajesh Singh's new group - isn't Mara dividing rather than uniting people? 
Division is more in terms of means to achieve same outcome. Therefore, need to connect all groups to same, ultimate result we all striving towards while respecting how groups aim to achieve it. 
5) Where is the Indo-Fijian support? 
My sense, some have already joined groups already in place. But most waiting to see how things pan out with various groups and direction offered by key leaders. I do know, most want the same result but initially cautious about how to go about expressing it. Impetus and momentum now underway will also force people to declare their positions/allegiances.
6) The meeting numbers have been low in Australia - will they be better in Akl and Wellington?
With time, I believe momentum will pick up as message on how bad situation in Fiji really is gets shared around and as people feel confident regime change for the better is a real possibility.

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