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FNPF Continues to Hoodwink Fijians as Illegitimate Regime's Rule Wrecks Economy

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 18 June 2011

FNPF’s Jaoji Koroi should stop hoodwinking the public

Junta’s soon to be FNPF CEO Jaoji Koroi addressing the Fiji Correctional Services staff
One of FNPF’s executives, Jaoji Koroi, said $423million has been paid out to members since their inception 35 years ago in his veiled attempt to impress them on just how much they’ve given back.
He made no reference to the $327million “write-down” he helped solicit, not within a span of  35 years, but within a few short minutes when the illegal FNPF board and its executives like Jaoji and Taito conspired to sign off on that write-down scam.
His $423million pay-out reference was made when he was responding to members’ questions at a public consultation held recently.
This is the same guy whom insiders say will be taking over FNPF CEO’s job very soon.
The incumbent, Aisake Taito, is Ului Mara’s brother-in-law and married to Ului’s twin, Elenoa Mara.
Sources say Taito was lobbied into his FNPF CEO job by Ului Mara when he was calling the shots as a key Military Council member after the 2006 coup.
But now with the major falling out between the regime and their fugitive Ului, his crony at FNPF will be sitting uncomfortably on his CEO chair expecting the falling out turbulence to reach him soon.
Sources have also reported that junta-friendly Kodagoda, FNPF’s chairman, is  not hiding his desire to replace Taito with Jaoji Koroi.
They say Kodagoda is also very concerned by Taito’s extra-marital affairs like his brother-in-law Ului.
Taito is believed to have been committing adultery with another Fijian lady living in Cairns.
But insiders say Jaoji is not a squeaky clean guy either with his womanizing ways.
Will Jaoji Koroi and Taito end up being fall-guys for Frank and Aiyaz?
We think so given the many illegal decisions they’re now implementing to absorb and cushion team Frank’s seditious crimes against the Fijian people.

Another established Fijian resort goes under 

Luxurious Vatulele Island Resort
Allied Farmers Limited said today that it has been advised that the ANZ Bank (Fiji) has appointed Receivers and Managers to Vatulele Joint Venture Trustee Limited (VJVT).
Allied Farmers’ wholly owned subsidiary, Allied Farmers Investments Limited (AFIL), is the second secured lender to the Waterfront Fund (managed by Williams Land Limited) behind the ANZ following the purchase of a loan from Hanover Finance Limited in December 2009. The loan is secured by a second mortgage over the Vatulele Island Resort and associated development land. VJVT has provided an all obligations guarantee of the loan.
The loan has been in default since April 2009, an accordingly the carrying value of the loan has already been substantially written down from the amount due under the loan. Allied Farmers advises that at this time it is not possible to fully understand any further impact on the carrying value of the loan arising from the appointment of Receivers and Managers until the completion of the valuation currently underway for the purposes of Allied Farmers’ year end financial reporting, and/ or the completion of any sales process that the Receivers and Managers may chose to pursue.


You’re illegitimates Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum!

By Loruama Tawawili
The illegal Regime in Fij just don’t get it, it (extradition orders to Tonga, Australia and New Zealand for Ului Mara) is illegal and they do not have any binding treaty or legal obligation with any other nation in the World.That is the curse of a Dictatorship, they are not recognized.
It is a pity that Bainimarama allows this shameful behaviour by Khaiyum to carry on becaus in the end it is Bainimarama’s name as the illegal PM of Fiji that will come out and be discussed. The discussion will revolve around how stupid Bainimarama is.
Khaiyum knew that Tonga will not extradict Ului because of the illegality of Fiji’s action and Government,and yet here we see khaiyum serving extradiction papers for Roko Ului in first Australia now New Zealand.Haven’t they heard that no one wants to do business with them because of their illegal acts?
What a shame that Khaiyum and Bainimarama do not see that they are making a fool of themselves by being narrow minded and just plain right Stupid.

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