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Fiji sources: Fiji naval boats have assembled in Lau Waters & Nik Naidu Personal Agenda Exposed

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 13 June 2011


The Tongan government says it's fixed one of the navigational beacons at Minerva lagoon and is standing firm on its claim of ownership ahead of Fiji.

The information comes as Fiji intelligence sources confirm the three naval boats that left Suva for Minerva over the weekend are now all assembled at Kabara in Lau.

Sources say Fiji maintains it has more rights to the lagoon than Tonga and is looking at the Marine Space Act to reinforce its claim and is prepared to take 'necessary action to defend its position'. 

They also say the dispatched naval boats are on standby in Lau waters, waiting for a directive from the illegal prime minister, Frank Bainimara, who also left the capital yesterday for a week-long visit to the Lau group with what is reported to be a huge entourage.

But Tonga has this morning repeated its position, with Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet, Busby Kautoke, saying it has fulfilled its maritime duties by fixing one of the navgational beacons destroyed by Fiji "in order that persons traversing Teleki Tokelau may travel safely and without impediment".

"The Government of Tonga's immediate concern is motivated by the real danger to international shipping by the destruction of navigational beacons, albeit by an act of vandalism, placed there by the Tongan authorities and duly marked on the charts."

A Fiji source told Coupfourpointfive the latest skirmish between Tonga and Fiji is more hostile than when a Tongan naval boat breached Fiji waters to pick up Roko Ului Mara last month.

He says the mood in Suva changes daily and it's hard to sometimes know what's going on but it's clear that Tonga's invasion of Fiji's EEZ over Minerva violates national security and Fiji is taking it seriously.

The illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his family, is meanwhile said to be ccurrently accomodated at the barracks while Bainimarama is in Lau.

Fiji Coalition spokesperson stands by anti-Mara decision but says group will meet with him

COALITION MARCH: Unions, students and politicians in Auckland in 2000. Below: Nik Naidu.

The spokesperson for the Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, Nik Naidu, says the group still want to meet with Roko Ukui Mara despite it lobbying the New Zealand government not to allow the former military officer into the country.

New Zealand announced yesterday it had decided on Saturday night (after Mara's meeting with the Fiji community in Canberra) to grant an exemption to allow Mara to make a similar two-day visit to Auckland.

Naidu told Coupfourpointfive Mara has not been in touch with them as of yet but the Coalition will meet with him when he visits as expected this week, and will put its concerns and questions directly to the former commander of the 3FIR.

"Of course we would want to.  And we would put the same questions to him on his involvement, our concerns, and how genuine is he?  However, we still feel it is inappropriate to let him into New Zealand in view of the level of involvement he has had and the damage this has done to Fiji."

Naidu has been heavily criticised for revealing the Coalition has lobbied the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, to reject Mara's travel application.

A number of people have since questioned the credentials of the Coalition and Naidu's motives, accusing him of working against democracy for Fiji, claiming he has insidious links with regime members like Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and John Prasad.

Naidu told Coupfourpointfive it is good to see people so passionate about Fiji in spite of the criticisms, saying generously "that's democracy in action and we should respect everyone's right to speak, and their points of view."

But Naidu says it's a pity more people can't stand up and be counted, where it can count the most - in public.  He also says people should be encouraged to use their real names and be staunch about their views and suggestions when talking about Fiji, turning to the quote "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

He says that's why the Fiji Coalition for Democracy has spoken out as it has about Mara and his not-too-distant-past with the military government of Frank Banimarama, even though the former Number Four has insisted he is prepared to face the people of Fiji and never laid a hand on any Fiji citizen.

"Our thinking is around positive engagement and dialogue with everyone.  However, at the same time, we will not compromise on the basic principles of following the rule of law. He (Mara) is responsible for the mess Fiji is in and has committed treason, and the respect for human rights. He was directly responsible for a lot of detentions, torture and abuse.

"This is the man who only a few months ago, who was torturing people.  How come suddenly, just because he says he has changed, are we so quickly forgetting what he did?

"Is politics and the need to bring down the regime in Fiji that important that we compromise our values and principles?  What about the feelings of those families of people killed by Lt Colonel Mara's  soldiers?  We are no better than that illegal lot in Fiji if we do so.  If Mara had not been removed, would he have left on his own accord?  Then why trust or support him?"

A letter being sent by the Coalition to the New Zealand government this week includes the affidavit of a Fiji citizen who was tortured by QEB Goons in 2007. The victim statement (you can read it at the end of this story) details how the man was hunted by Mara, who led the 3FIR hit squad, and was brutally abused by the decommissioned land force commander, Pita Driti.

The statement says the victim was told Mara was looking for him because they believed he had blogged on Raw Fiji News and that Mara had threatened to kill him once they got him.

It goes on to say that when he was in custody, as well as beating him, Driti ordered him to lick his boots and to perform oral sex on two guards and to later jog around the QEB grounds in his underwear.

The statement says the QEB goons and Driti, under Mara's watch, had tortured him mercilessly because they thought he had blogged about the former director of the Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem.

Naidu spoke openly to Coupfourpointfive about earlier connections with key and hugely unpopular members of the illegal government.

"I'd like to think I am friends with everyone, and respect all humans.  Yes, John Prasad and Aiyaz were my best friends, well before the 1987 coup. Not sure if they consider me friends now - but I still do! We have not spoken since 2006.  So are John Samy, Jone Dakuvula, Akuila Yabaki, and many many others who are not so popular with your website. Remember, in 1987 and 2000, we were on the 'same side' and were all part of the Movement for Democracy!

"But as for me supporting Rabuka? That suggestion is sacrilegious!  In 1990, we had one of the largest protests in our history against Rabuka's visit to New Zealand, and I helped organise it!"

Naidu says the Coalition has been around since 1987 and has not swerved from its commitment to the adherence to the rule of law, respect for human rights and wanting a peaceful and democratic Fiji.

He admits, though, the Coalition is not what it was in its heyday but says all things considering it has, officially, a membership of about a hundred people (most people are too scared to be associated with us!), with a core committee of about 20. 

"We used to do a lot of protest actions through marches, rallies, pickets and also media events, media releases, newsletters and newspapers, seminars, international lobbying and meetings. Now, it is mainly about occasional meetings, seminars, media statements. We are all getting older, and not enough commitment from younger people.

"There have been many spokespeople before me - Maire Leadbeater, Richard Naidu, Jone Dakuvula, Dia Uluiviti, Ahmed Bhamji and now me. We stood up in 1987, 2000 and 2006, and will do so again (hopefully not!) in the future against all coups."

Editor's Note: Some bloggers were concerned today missing democracy fighter Vilisi Nadaku, had been detained. C4.5 has since been advised that is not the case.  He is home and well!

Read Coalition letter to the New Zealand Government

Read the accompanying victim statement

Posted on Raw Fiji News

Nick Naidu outbursts due to personal agenda : Hon Rajesh Singh

Nikhil Naidu's motive questioned
Media Release
Nick Naidu's Public Outburst against Ratu Ului Mara Exposes his Personal Agenda – Former Minister Rajesh Singh
The shocking outburst of the so called spokesman for the New Zealand-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, Nick Naidu reeks of personal agenda and self interest.

Mr. Naidu called on the New Zealand government to reject any visa application by the former Commander of the 3FIR to promote democracy in Fiji.
Firstly, Mr Naidu's organisation is defunct. It has been deregistered and does not exist for all intents and purposes for which was initially established in 2000.

The rather extraordinary statement is motivated by other issues at play that the people of New Zealand or Fiji have no knowledge about.
Nick Naidu is closely associated with a NZ based Fiji millionaire who is under fraud investigations in Fiji of colossal nature. Mr. Naidu is closely connected to this businessman who is attempting to escape criminal charges for his criminal activities. The criminal file reference of this case is CID/HQ/PEP/128/2010.

Mr. Naidu is no longer pushing the agenda of those who seek democracy, social justice and rule of law in Fiji. This businessman has strong links in the illegal regime and it seems the statement is a trade-off for thwarting Ratu Mara's democratic crusade in the Pacific in return for defeating the course of justice in the case of this high profile businessman.

Ratu Ului Mara and Brigadier Pita Driti can confirm that this Businessman approached the Military Council in August 2010 to terminated investigations against him and his Company by the Fiji Police Serious Fraud Unit. 
It is understood that the Frank Bainimarama who invited the businessman to his China tour back in July 2010 has promised to prevent criminal charges against him. This is now becoming a case of mutual expediency of personal agendas.
Mr. Naidu himself has been making business trips to Fiji to solicit investments opportunities. Obviously, he knows that making the right political statements can win great friends and this is clearly visible from his senseless statement against Ratu Mara.
How can a businessman like him become a true flag bearer of democracy is a million dollar question.
Need I say more?
Rajesh Singh
[Former Minister and Member of Parliament]

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