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Fiji Dictator Prepare for International Criminal Court Arrest Warrant

Posted by Raw Fiji News - 01 June 2011

Frank Bainimarama’s legal eagles prepare themselves for International Criminal Court arrest warrant
Fiji’s strongman Frank Bainimarama and his legal minders, Nazhat Shameem, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Christopher Pryde and Anthony Gates are locking heads to figure out how to respond to the arrest warrant  expected to be forthcoming from The Hague at the International Criminal Court.
Their rule by decree since 2006 has enabled them to do things unfettered by legal niceties without having to justify their actions and policies in any of their own controlled Fijian court of law.
No one can challenge them with anything in their court of law because they’ve drawn up decrees that does just that to cover their illegal tracks.
What those important decrees does are to enable them to have a free hand to do anything they want when they want, and not anybody can change that.
They don’t need to go and win peoples support like what true community leaders do as representative of their  peoples mandate.
Their decrees of soughts take care of all that with the Fijian community forbidden to show any dissent against what they plan to decree or have already decreed.
Their long extended Public Emergency Regulation gags peoples voices and censors the media in a manipulative way that takes away freedom of the media and peoples freedom of speech.
Such is the oppressed state of affairs in Fiji with Team Frank’s obsession to convert the Fijian people into their decree programmed robots.
And it is exactly this obsession to control by force every tid bit of the Fijian peoples daily lives that has landed them into big trouble.
Frank, their man, is trying very hard to shy away from the revelation of his brutal assaults on three women pro-democracy activists and two of their male colleagues.
His personal involvement in that civilian beat up has triggered renewed interest involving the arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court.
And his legal minders, who will all be caught with Frank in his net of thuggery, will for sure be facing many more sleepless night ahead with the knowledge that the International Criminal Court net is now closing in on them.
They may be able to evade facing justice in their Fijian court of law but they will not be able to run away from the International Criminal Court of law of which Fiji is a member.
After all, the International Criminal Courts purpose is  “to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community,” of which Fiji is a member state.
Frank Bainimarama and his cohorts have proven themselves to have killed, tortured and harmed Fijian people and their properties – incidences of Frank’s crime against humanity which the Fijian victims themselves have compiled and corroborated in their collective effort to bring an end to Frank’s brutal gestapo and the coup culture.

Tyrant Frank Bainimarama killed victim’s unborn child

Laisa Digitaki-Weleilakeba
Laisa Digitaki and husband Sitiveni Weleilakeba
There’s another gripping untold murder case by Fiji’s dictator Frank Bainimarama.
We’ve been told that one of Frank’s assault victim, Laisa Digitaki, was indeed pregnant when she and her pro-democracy colleagues were beaten, kicked and stomped at by Frank.
In her explicit statement, she vividly remembered this,”One of the soldiers asked me whether I was pregnant of which I said I was not sure. A pair of boots immediately jumped onto my lower and middle back and bounced on it for a few seconds.”
Sources close to Laisa say she frequented Suva Private Hospital after her beating and was not in good health for weeks after that.
This latest story lead is another big blow to Frank and his key legal counselors, Nazhat, Aiyaz , Pryde and Gates.
Tyrant Frank Bainimarama’s unborn-baby murder incident will surely find its way to the International Criminal Courts and it’s something that will rattle Frank and his legal minders even more.

Pita Driti’s two page mutiny charge submission by DPP a joke

Pita Driti in his glory days
Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum’s circus court, today witnessed a sedition and mutiny case brought before them, a very serious charge by the way, where the regime is alleging Frank’s former right hand military man Brigadier General Pita Driti to be the culprit.
A two page document was presented before Magistrate Alofa Seruvatu by the regime’s Department of Public Prosecution counsel in their feeble attempt to pin down Driti.
A two page document only?
Yes folks, a two page document is all it takes for Frank to yank one of his own kind to his circus court before the real long drawn-out court case begins.
Frank and Aiyaz have done it to many targeted civilians and Frank’s dissidents with many of them still appearing in court after three going on to four years for phony charges that keeps changing every time they appear in court .
Frank and Aiyaz’s plan is to draw life out of them by ruining their personal and professional reputation, to split their families, to cause anxiety leading to sickness and death, to draw out their finances on legal cost, and to basically wear them out.
This time, their courtroom victimization program is targeted on one of their own insider who is now having a taste of their own medicine.
So is the dribs and the drabs that is slowly pouring in from DPP’s office regarding Driti’s case meant to wear this soldier down with the hope of keeping him quiet and to knock him out?
We don’t believe Driti is one who will go down too easily or quietly.
He, like Ului will be Frank and Aiyaz’s worst friend cum foe.

Show us more evidence : Driti’s lawyer
Pita Driti and his back-stabber former boss Frank Bainimarama
Pita Driti’s legal counsel, Filimoni Vosarogo, has told Magistrate Alofa Seruvatu they want full disclosures on the charges against the former Land Force Commander.
He said the two page document served to them by DPP is too vague.
DPP has been ordered by Magistrate Seruvatu to provide all the disclosures in two weeks time.
The case has been adjourned with Driti subjected to strict bail conditions but was free to go home.


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