Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fiji dictator Frank Bainimarama retreats

Posted by Raw Fiji News - 09 June 2011

Tyrant Frank Bainimarama and his daughter, nephew and son-in-law
Continuing high level leaks made by bloggers is proving lethal for the unstable Bainimarama junta.
Bainimarama and his inner circle know their deep seeded motive to dupe Fijians is simply not working.
They're now faced with the reality that Fijian subjects they were hoping to control for decades are much smarter than they are.
Their Public Emergency Regulation (PER) is not working because these smart Fijians are using more powerful alternative technology to disseminate team Frank's corruption.
Team Frank's PER is turning out to be their biggest antagonist by proving that its very existence signal the regime's fickle existence.
Without it, they are literally dead meat.
Another advantage PER has is the Fijians natural desire to hunt for the truth.
And truth is what they find in abundance on the 24/7 world wide web which Frank & Co are finding impossible to counteract.
The capricious big-mouth Frank and his right cherry Aiyaz are almost speechless.
They've retreated by refraining to make too much public appearances or public announcements since early last week, but just enough to remind Fijians that they are barely there ruling by bluff.
As Frank prepares to sail away to Lau tomorrow, he can be certain that more damaging facts about his deceitfulness will be revealed on blogs.
Bon voyage sailor!

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