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Driti Still in Fiji but Tony Fullman Left for NZ & Personal Agendas Come to the Fore for Pro Democracy Groups in NZ

Posted on Coup Four  Point Five - 16 June 2011

Sources: Driti still in Fiji but Anthony Fullman is reported to have left the country

It appears the excitement over the decommissioned former land force commander, Pita Driti, supposedly going missing has been misplaced.

Driti is still very much in Fiji and has not fled the country as thought by some locals in Suva in the past few days.

Intelligence operatives say the person who has left Viti is the New Zealander and the former head of the Fiji Water Authority, Anthony Fullman.

Readers will remember that Fullman was one of those questioned by Fiji police last month in connection with the escape of the former commander of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, to Tonga.

Fullman was interviewed because phone records showed he spoke to Mara just before the former military officer was picked up in Kadavu by a Tongan navy vessel.

Regional media reported there was concern for Fullman who is believed to have diabetes; and information made available to us a short time ago says the Kiwi has left Fiji with the help of the New Zealand embassy.

Driti is meanwhile said to have reported to authorities last Friday at Valelevulevu police station, as required. Driti is remanded at large and is to appear in court again soon on a charge of sedition and inciting mutiny.

Driti reported to have done a runnner as well

People on the ground in Fiji are claiming Pita Driti has gone missing but the illegal regime is keeping it quiet because it's got egg on its face for a second time.

Roko Ului Mara escaped to Tonga about a month ago, heading out on a fishing boat in Kadavu where he was picked up by a Tonga naval boat and whisked to the Royal Palace in Nukualofa.

Reports from Suva say Driti has been AWOL since Friday, when he was supposed to have reported to police as part of his bail conditions just like Mara failed to do. We haven't been able to verify for ourselves the information yet. 

But, intelligence sources reckon Driti, formerly third in rank in the RFMF before he was decommissioned along with Mara, was supposed to have fled with Mara but he couldn't shake off his spies. 

Coupfourpointfive has been told Driti called Mara and told him to go ahead without him.

Intelligence operatives are said to have met with Driti two weeks ago but are keeping quiet about his whereabouts. We have heard talk, though, of getting the former land force commander to Samoa.

We have also been told that in October last year when Driti and Mara were exposed for turning against Frank Bainimarama, the pair were called to the dictator's house where they were sworn at by Bainimarama for betraying him and the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

A source says the senior military officers were made to sit right in front of him on the floor while Bainimarama sat on his chair, while to his right was the Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivaurua.

The source says Bainimarama's bodyguards stood around the room with loaded M16 rifles and that after telling them off Bainimarama said to both men "You are  finished from the army from today."

Both Driti and Mara were charged with uttering a seditious comment with Driti being charged additionally with inciting a mutiny.

Moving Fiji forward: Toso Viti Toso!

The fight for democracy for Fiji took the wrong turn this week, thanks to a few people pushing their own agendas and looking for a piece of the pie.

The catalyst was Nik Naidu of the Fiji Coalition of Democracy, revealing publicly the Coalition was lobbying the New Zealand government not to grant  Roko Ului Mara an exemption to visit to meet with the pro-democracy movement.

Within a few days, Naidu (and then Coupfourpointfive) were being aggressively lobbied and attacked by the former SDL MP, Rajesh Singh, and Shailendra Raju, the former media officer and trusted man of the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry.

In the space of just a few days and  via comments on the blog and widely-circulated emails (we will reveal these if need be) Rajesh and Raju  set out to 'expose' Naidu as a 'hoax bomber', confronted him at a face-to-face meeting, formed a new group (using the name an internal group in Fiji had been using for some time to fight the cause) and started a campaign of character assassinations.

We say this is not the time for this rubbish and we are not going to play their game. Instead, we say  it's time we started looking seriously at who Fiji's leaders are and the people we need to support as we  prepare for a return to democracy.

So Coupfourpointfive tonight launches a campaign to find and name the people and their affiliations who can take Fiji forward. We would like to hear your nominations and we will publish a list after five days.

Meanwhile, we bring you the following story to remind people that Fiji can do without the bullshit that made it so easy for Bainimarama to take Fiji hostage.

Ratu Ului's visit to New Zealand used by new democracy group to settle personal feud with Nick Naidu over $5million compensation claim  
A special Coupfourpointfive investigation reveals that Indo-Fijian democracy campaigners in Auckland have sinister motives against democracy campaigner Nick Naidu, who opposes the pending visit to New Zealand of the fugitive, Colonel Ratu Uluilakeba Mara.

The feud between Rajesh Singh, Shailendra Raju and Nick Naidu revolves around the Narayan/ YP Reddy Estate in Fiji. 
It seems the former SDL assistant Cabinet Minister Singh has been unwittingly sucked into the feud by Raju, who has a long running legal wrangle with Nick Naidu's first cousin and human rights campaigner and lawyer, Richard Naidu, of Munro Leys in Fiji. Richard Naidu's firm had acted on behalf of Y P Reddy.
Raju is the principal complainant and personal representative of the Narayan Estate, acting on behalf of Narayan's widow Rosa Reddy, who resides in Mount Roskill in Auckland.
Coupfourpointive can reveal Raju had sought the assistance of the dictator Frank Bainimarama as contained in a letter dated September 15, 2010, and addressed by Raju to "Bula Vinaka Turaga Prime Minister - Re: Breach of Companies Act – Oppressive Conduct Estate of Narayan Reddy's complaint of $5,000,000 Fraud of its Reddy Group of Companies Shares and Dividends by YP Reddy and Other Directors of Reddy Group."
In his letter Raju writes as follows: "It was your promise to the nation that you would endeavour to protect and promote the interest of the weak and vulnerable in the society from rich and powerful vultures like YP Reddy. 

"It is time now to make good that promise in the interest of those who look for justice from your government. Prima Facie; the evidence of fraud has been established and therefore he must be subjected to the same law regardless of his prominence and wealth. The Office of the DPP is considering the evidence and I envisage that this independent process would result in charges against the directors for the $5m fraud and money laundering."
Coupfourpointfive decided to conduct an investigation of its own when it received the following chain e-mail sent by Rajesh Singh to New Zealand TV 3, and stating the following:

The criminal case is against the following:

YP Reddy (New Zealand Resident)
Rohit Reddy (NZ Citizen)
Kalpana Reddy (NZ Citizen)
YP Reddy owns 3 hotels in NZ, 1 each in Samoa and Vanuatu plus 6 in Fiji. He is in the inner cycle of the regime and often takes trips with Frank Bainimarama.

We have documents and letters including a letter from Solicitor General of Fiji which confirms that they also lodged a complaint with police but subsequently the prime minister directed police to stop the criminal investigations against the businessman.

Nick Naidu is closely associated with the businessmen and thus the strange opposition to Mara to please Frank Bainimarama.

Please see letters attached in confidence to qualify our claim that YP Reddy is facing fraud charges but there are moves to stop the prosecution.

The question is why is the prime minister interfering in the case? where is the independence of the police and the judiciary?

Please call us for discussion.

Rajesh Singh

Coupfourpointfive understands that while Y P Reddy wants to settle the claim with the Narayan Estate, he has set a condition to exclude Raju from any talks resulting in an amicable settlement.

Raju stands to lose financially, for he strongly believes that it was he who forced Y P Reddy and the family to the negotiating table. Ratu Ului's impending visit is now being used as a "dhoti" or "sulu" in which the democracy campaigners are wrapping themselves to settle financial scores. 

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