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Dictator & Khaiyum Fleeces Tax Payers in Roading Contract Kick Backs

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 06 June 2011

Too many hands on money pot for upgrade of Fiji roads

FIJI ROADS WELL IN HAND? It's thought not. (Dictator's son, above right, gets very friendly with Chinese investors)

Below: Fiji Village pic from bumpy-no-more story.

Inside information about the deal to upgrade Fiji roads between Frank Bainimarama's illegal government and the Chinese company tendered to do the work, shows it's full of holes. 

Sources say locals would not be cheering so much at the promise of good roads (Fiji Village headline on Friday: Bumpy roads a thing of the past for Naitasiri) if they knew of the corruption taking place behind the scenes. Corruption which is said to be going all the way to the top.

In what smacks of political campaigning and kissing babies, Bainimarama last week presided over two groundbreaking ceremonies, at Saweni Road and Sigatoka Valley Road.

But if the truth be known, the upgrade of roads or tar sealing, is not coming cheap to Fiji. It's costing Fiji taxpayers 80 million FJD, paid for via a soft loan from Exim Bank of China. The roads will be made with the Chinese workers from East Railway Company and their construction companies, at a hugely inflated cost. 

Insiders say the maximum cost for local companies to tar seal one kilometre of road is FJD 1 million.  Sources who've seen the tenders of Fiji local contractors confirm 1.5 million per kilometre of road was the going price. Add in the economic constraints and rising prices and it's possible it could double to FJD 2 million, but that's a hugely inflated figure. 

With both Sigatoka Valley Rd and Saweni Rd both getting 15 kilometres of work, a total of 60 million is being generated - all of which are going back to the Chinese, bar 20 million dollars. 

Insiders say this money is being filtered by the Minister of Works on the order of Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.  

Information has it that the Chief Engineer overlooking the road works has refused to sign off on the weekly payments, because according to him the roads were not completed. The Minister of Works himself authorized the payments and threatened to sack the expatriate Indian Chief Engineer.

Sources say the defrauding over the roads is taking place on a very large scale and government ministers are accessories to the crime. Chinese road workers who come to work in Fiji are channeled through VIP lounges without proper screening at Nadi airport – suggesting the orders come from the top.  

Insiders says they've also received  information the Ministry of Finance has no legal papers validating the Chinese road  loans. They also say there's no breakdown of how these monies are channeled in and out of Fiji. All the records are handled by Sayed Khaiyum and his accountant aunt, Nur Bano Ali.

Some bloggers have suggested the illegal Prime Minister has an  offshore account and that son, Meli, is the beneficiary of the $20 million. We have no proof that is the case but can see that Meli, pictured above, is not without Chinese contacts.


Tubou villagers remanded in custody as regime keeps Lau in its sight

REGIME ALL AT SEA: And now bullying Lau people for Mara fallout. Peni Mapa (below) at court today. pic Fiji Live.

The two men the illegal regime intend to make an example of because of the Roko Ului Mara escape to Tonga, are spending another night behind bars.

Peni Mapa and Malakai Sabanaivalu were unable to post surety today and have been given until half past eleven tomorrow morning to do so. 

Both are accused of writing a letter with forged signatures to the illegal Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, telling him not to set foot in Lau. 

The regime says the letter was forged and elders did not say they didn't want Bainimarama to visit Lau, where Mara comes from. 

Prosecutors tried to say today the Tubou villagers were a risk and 'the case was of a serious nature and of national interest'.

The argument was shot down by the men's lawyer who successfully argued his clients have been co-operating with police and have not done anything to suggest they are a danger to the public.


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