Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surfer questioned in Fiji Mara case

NZTV 3 News -  22 May 2011  
By Michael Morrah

                                                              Mara's wife was also questioned yesterday 

New Zealand lawyer Peter Williams questions whether people's legal rights are being respected in Fiji 

Peter Williams are there people who are being wrongly detained in the prisons, are there people being tortured, are there people who are being held in those barracks without access to the courts. 

Williams says now is the time for the New Zealand government to make a stand against the regime. 

“I think the New Zealand government should be more explicit and more express in it's support of the pro-democracy movement in Fiji and I think as far as the colonel is concerned they should tell him that if he gets to New Zealand they will give him a passport and residency here,” he says. 

Prime Minister John Key says it's something the Government would consider. 

“We've had an approach and as he's no longer a member of the regime the sanctions don't apply,” he says. 

Key ruled out further trade or economic sanctions against Fiji but says the New Zealand Government is taking Mara's accusations on human rights abuses seriously. 

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says he is aware of some of the accusations that Mara has made about the Fijian Government and has asked his ministry to give him advice about whether Mara's comments need to be passed on to international organisations like the UN. 

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