Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sly Nazhat Shameem Injustice to the Fijian people

Raw Fiji News - 22 May 2011

Nazhat Shameem was once respected as a promising and trust-worthy woman in the Fijian judicial arena who represented fair justice for the Fijian people.

But that perception have changed to one that is resentful, after her real motives began to unravel following Frank Bainimarama’s coup of 2006.

Well placed sources confirm that she was very instrumental in providing legal advice to Frank leading up to his coup of December 5th, 2006.

Witnesses say Frank was a frequent visitor to her Suva court chambers before the coup where they would hold one-to-one meetings for hours compromising her impartiality as a Judge.

Nazhat gave special attention and audience to Frank only and no other. She pointed him to relevant sections of Fiji’s 1997 Constitution he could use to justify his coup.

It was her perfect chance to take charge of what she believed was her destiny – to teach everyone in Fiji what true justice is all about.

But is her interpretation of true justice truthful and nothing but the truth?

Nazhat decided to relinquish her role as a Judge when her friend Frank finally carried out his coup in December 5th, 2006. Her motive? To show the world that she was an honorable judicial officer who will distance herself from the over-throw of a democratically elected government.

While other Judges who stood down from the courts with her left Fiji to serve elsewhere, madam Nazhat decided to become a stay home Mum. So we thought!

Nazhat’s Nailuva home with her husband, Vodafone CEO, Aslam Khan, soon became Frank’s legal think tank boardroom. Frank continued his visitations for his daily legal dose from Nazhat which propelled him to remove Fiji’s Chief Justice Fatiaki paving the way for Nazhat to plant her own preferred CJ Anthony Gates. Frequent visitors to Nazhat’s home at that time were Anthony Gates and Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Nazhat Shameem is the main legal masterminder for dictator Frank and most of her legal recommendations have been carried out religiously by Frank and his regime legal rep, Aiyaz Khaiyum.

She kept a low profile and continued to pull Frank regime’s legal strings from her Nailuva home until her boy Frank purportedly abrogated the 1997 Constitution on Easter weekend, April 10th, 2009.

She immediately recommended important decrees to be put in place with immediate effect to put legitimacy to Frank’s new order.

As new decrees, most of them draconian, were churned out of the regime’s decree production line, Nazhat began to carve out a nice consultancy opportunity for herself, to be the legal expert tasked with the sole responsibility of explaining to all stakeholders the true meaning of her many oppressive illegal decrees.

She immediately landed herself a cushy job that was able to delineate herself from the current compromised Fijian judicial system and a job that is able to pay her around $10,000 a week, much more than what she ever earned when she was a sitting Judge.

Nazhat’s own acceptance to be the voice behind Frank’s illegal decrees speaks much of her warped sense of justice.

While on the one hand she’s withdrawn herself from her Judge’s role due to the coup d’etat and abrogation of the 1997 Constitution, she, on the other hand is quite happy to promote decrees knitted by a gestapo regime that the Fijian Appeals Court have ruled as illegal.

Whether she believes it or not, Nazhat Shameem has lended her hands to Frank’s illegitimate regime apparatus and is now considered as an undesirable, misleading woman who has committed painful injustice to the Fijian people.

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Nikit Reddy said...

She travelled the country lecturing on all sorts of topics including human rights. But as main coup plotter, she destroyed human rights for Fijian citizens. She is phony, manipulative, sweet talker and most dangerous woman in the South Pacific. She is silent mover. Her lapdog Aiyaz Syed Khaiyum is the mouth piece of her, she pulls all strings. Most hated treasonous woman and certainly most corrupt. She one of the key persons drying Fiji treasury and making millions. She is consultant to all the main organizations in Fiji. Full of conflict of interests. She by manipulation got a membership of ICC as Fiji's rep on woman's affairs. She should be hauled to ICC as treasonous woman. Her truth will be exposed.