Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roko Ului’s Testimonials to be Supported by Pita Driti

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 24 May 2011

The show down between coupster Frank Bainimarama and his two arch enemies, his real Land Force Commander Pita Driti and leader of 3FIR Ului Mara, is heating up.

Pita Driti is expected to be the other key witness who will validate Ului Mara’s You Tube statements.

It has now boiled down to Pita and Ului’s words against Frank’s.

Other key military officers we’ve already identified as the 2006 coup perpetrators apart from Frank are Aziz Mohammed, Esala Teleni and George Langman.

These three gentlemen will have to clear their conscience by telling the truth,nothing but the truth.

But the problem is that they are currently living off Frank’s bad deeds with Aziz Mohammed still holding onto his Chief of Staff role, Esala Teleni enjoying his Chinese chopsuey in Beijing as Frank’s Ambassador to China and George Langman who is back at Fiji Military Office head office after his success rate as head of Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption was not what Frank and Aiyaz were hoping for to justify their “clean-up corruption” coup excuse.

Aziz Mohammed was handed down an ultimatum by Frank demanding him to be the State’s key witness for the sedition and mutiny charges against Pita Driti and Ului Mara.

In return, Frank was going to save him from sending him on indefinite leave pending an investigation, just like what he did to Pita and Ului.

Aziz Mohammed had too much to lose with his mounting private business debt ready to be called up on him if he lost his hefty pay packs from Frank and other board directorship Frank had already stripped off him in the past months like Fijian Holdings Limited, Merchant Finance Limited and others.

Aziz’s greed and corrupt dealings have been well documented by freedom blog Coup 4.5 and he had no choice but to say yes to the State witness role demanded by Frank.

Will Aziz live up to the ideals taught to him as a law graduate or would he rather leave it to Ului Mara and Pita Driti to reveal more damning evidence against their collective treasonous act against the Fijian people?

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