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Sai's Comments:
  • What all of us have been suspecting has now come to pass - that the Dictator Bainimarama is no more than the puppet of the evil Khaiyum in his desire to suppress the people of Fiji for as long as they could wield the power at their disposal.
  • Roko Ului and Driti, just like others before them, have finally woken to that fact following their arrest on trumped-up charges.
  • As Roko Ului correctly surmised about the corrupt Fiji judicial system, their chance of clearing their name in such a kangaroo court set up would be absolutely zilch.
  • Good on you Roko Ului for having the guts to now wage war on the Dictator from afar. Be sure to know that all Fijians are with you in the quest to rid Fiji of the Dictator and his side kick Khaiyum from Fiji for good, as well as all those who have made it possible for the two to wreck hell on the beloved and innocent people of Fiji.
  • You have our full support, best wishes and our prayers as you embark on that noble course.
  • We now call on the rest of the people of Fiji to join in the fight to save our beloved country.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 14 May 2011


Regime Change should happen in Fiji soon
A Statement by Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara 

Friends and contacts in the Army as well as the Police warned me of a plan hatched by Khaiyum to utilise the provisions of the Public Emergency Act and Crimes Decree 2010 in order to incarcerate Pita Driti and I for at least a year on trumped up charges of sedition and attempted mutiny without the opportunity to defend ourselves in open court.

Considering the state of corruption of the judicial system and the extent to which it is controlled entirely by the political frivolities of the Attorney General, I was obliged to take these warnings seriously.

For inexplicable reasons, Commodore Bainimarama, weakened by ill health, morally and intellectually bankrupt, is no more than Aiyaz Khaiyum's hand puppet.  

The advice which we, as senior officers had offered the Commander in an attempt to soften the regime's approach to public dissent were seen by Khaiyum as a direct threat to his person and his megalomania is inspired entirely by the self importance of a lonely and inadequate man.  

Endowed with no leadership qualities and incapable of understanding the simplest principles of decency and respect even in a society that is grounded on such virtues, he is the sole architect of the cruelties which have sadly become common in our daily life.

When I was rescued by the Tongan Navy I asked to be brought to Nuku'alofa where under the sure protection of King George's Government I shall be able to tell the truth, without fear of retribution, about the tragic oppression which stifles my beloved land. 

When this hateful dictatorship has been eradicated all of us who once served it shall answer to the Fijian people for the part we played and I will gladly submit to their verdict.

14 May 2011
To see the video of this statement please click on the following link:

Bio-data of Ratu Tevita Kapaiwai Lutunauga Uluilakeba Mara
Ratu Tevita Kapaiwai Lutunauga Uluilakeba Mara is a Fijian career soldier, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as of early 2006. On 3rd Feb, 2001 he was named Army Chief of Staff succeeding Colonel Meli Saubulinayau, a close relative of his. 

This position is the fourth highest in the Fijian Military, behind that of the Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff RFMF Brigadier General Mohamed Aziz and the Land Force Commander Brigadier General Pita Driti.

Mara held the position for several months, before he was appointed Commanding Officer of the Third Infantry Regiment, a key position in the Fiji Army as he controls the infantry division.

In December 2006 The Republic of Fiji Military Forces took control of Fiji in bloodless coup. The army had a strict plan which was te remove corruption and corrupt politicians and to return to barracks within a year. 

Lieutenant Colonel Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was in charge of the 3 FIR on that day and for the next 4 years.

He witnessed from the inside how power has corrupted the key players in the regime and how now they have forgotten their original objectives as they desperately cling to power. Colonel Mara has left Fiji so that he can speak freely about the need to for regime change in his beloved Fiji.

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