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Roko Ului Mara's Wife Being Questioned Again

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 19 May 2011

Insiders say the wife of Roko Ului Mara is being questioned for a second time and had her house raided this afternoon.

She is still being interviewed at CIF HQ in Toorak.

Also being interviewed is Adi Koila Ganilau, the daughter of the Epeli Ganilau, the former Defence Minister.

Her house was also raided by military police this afternoon.

Sources have also said the president, Epeli Nailatikau, remains at this official residence tonight, despite reports to the contrary a short time ago.

An insider says the threat to his removal remains very real but offshore publicity, has put the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, on the back foot.  

Bainimarama is still in Kadavu, reportedly stranded because of problems with the military boat that took him over. 

A source says the illegal PM has recently boosted security at his residence, including a newly-built fortified guard house at the main entry point, as shown in the map.

'The New Fiji is in Your Hands'

Sources have sent this statement to Coupfourpointfive, saying it comes from the Strategic HQ Desk.
They have asked it be printed in its entirety, saying it is a message for the people of Fiji. 

Sa dodonu meda na  marautaka na veisau vou sa na kida mai ni sana sucu vou na noda vanua ena dua na veiliutaki vou kei ira era na cakacaka kina.Meda vakarau uvu davui ni qaqa ni sana bale ena vakaloloma kana tau bitalaki ki ra ka na vakasequruquru bati o koya na kawa ni tevoro vei Lucifer Bainimarama kei na luve ni anti Christ na Taliban Aiyaz Kyaihum.Sa tuvani oti tu vakamatata na nodraui matemate o Khaiyum kei Bainimarama ka dodonu meda vakavinavinaka ni ra yalo dei ka ra yalo dina eso na noda mera biubiuta vata na plan oqo, o ira na turaga valu kei ira na satini era tiko ena keba kei ira na Turaga ni Ovisa era tiko ena vei police stations kei ira na tiko ena operations kei na NIB.Kevaka o kai Viti ka sosoko tu vei iko kei ira na nomu kawa na dra ni veivakaturaga taki oqo na gauna: mo na tucake bolebole,ka qaqa, ka mo vakarau yavala ena vukudra na luveda era muri tiko mai kei na kena  maroroi na noda vanua kei na kenai yau bula sa mai butakoca o Bainimarama kei Aiyaz Khaiyum ena nodrau vaqumi ena milioni na dola ka rau volitaka vei ira na kawa ni kominisi mai Jaina.

Ena loma ni dua na gauna lekaleka  ga mai oqo sana kacivaka kina na Turaga na Peresitedi ka Commander in Chief ni  mataivalu ni sa na vakasakea   NA MATANITU NEI BAINIMARAMA, KEI NA NONAI TUTU VAKA COMMANDER KA SA NA DIGITAKI EDUA NA COMMANDER VOU, NA COMMISSIONER NI OVISA VOU, LAND FORCE COMMANDER VOU, LIULIU NI NAVY VOU, LIULIU NI PRISON VOUKEI NA CABINET VOU LEWE 10 MAI VEI IRA NA LEWE NI VANUA mera na kauti viti kina veidigidigi ni 2012.
Lalawa 1.1
Sa mai vakadeitaki koya na Peresitedi ni Commander in Chief ka tu vua na executive authority ni vanua ka sa nona lewa mera kakua sara ni dua vei ira na lewenimativalu se ovisa kei na kena veiliutaki mera yavalata e dua na ka ena voroka kina na tiko sautu kei na tiko veilomani ni lewe ni vanua.Mera rokova ka doka na lewa ni veiliutaki ena vanua ni nodra cakacaka.ka sa tu vei ira na dodonu mera maroroya na tiko sautu,na tiko veilomani kei na kena dokai na veiliutaki .Na nodrai vola sa volai oti ka sa vakau wavoki vei ira na mtaivalu kei na ovisa.
Lalawa 1.2
Na lalawa oqo era biuta vata na PS kei ira na so era digitaki mai na bisinisi,talatala ni lotu,loya ni vunilawa kei ira eso na turaga ni vanua kei ira na mata ni matanitu era tiko oqo.
Lalawa 1.3
Sa volai oti na decree nona na Peresitedi ka sa vakayagataka kina okoya na nona kaukauwa me vakagalagala taka kina na Cabinet nei Bainimarama ena nona vunitaka tu na matanitu me kila na Peresitedi na levu ni veivoli lawaki ca rau cakava kei Khaiyum kei na levu ni corruption rau cakava ena loma ni matanitu.
Lalawa 1.4
Vakayacori na wili lewe ni vanua August karua ni wasewawse ni vuli 2011 kina Janueri 2012
Digitaki na Constitutuency Boundary’s Commission ka me oti na wili lewe ni vanua.
Digitaki na Constitution Commission  Dikevi na 1997 constitution ka curu na vei tiki ni peoples charter ena tubu kina tiko sautu.Time June 2011-May 2012.
Digitaki na election commission me curu kina  na “one man vote” me curu ena lawa ni matanitu vou 2012. June 2011-May 2012.
Lalawa 1.5
Dolavi na PER decree me sa soli na galala ni lewenivanua
Soli na galagala ni media
Dolavi na katuba vei Niusiladi kei Australia kei na matanitu vaka UN mera soli vakasala kei na veivuke vakailavo ni veidigidigi.
Sureti na international community mera vukei viti ena sara vanua kei veivoli.
Oqo nai tuvatuva dua ni lalawa ka san a kena gauna mo kila ni o iko o rawa ni kauta mai vakatotolo na veisau.
The peoples strike and government civil servants national sabotage action plan has been endorsed by senior military officials  from Saturday 21st to Friday May 27th.
Be absent from work and go on sick leave
Freeze all computers with volumes of smart viruses
Go slow on documents of policy in nature
Drive your minister to a hidden place where he can be put on house arrest.
Stop all payments of all ministers that is going to Nur Bano Ali and Zarin Khan
Put sedative in his tea to make him senile
Invite him to open a meeting and mix his water with a sweet ingredient that will put him to sleep.
Freeze faxes and phones by blocking its main power supply.
From the Strategic HQ Desk

English translation:
The new Fiji is in your hands, stand up and be counted in this chapter

We should be glad that a new chapter is beginning, and that a new leadership has been established and its personnel with it. Be prepared to blow the davui (conch shell) of victory because we will toss out the descendant of Lucifer Bainimarama and the Son of the Antichrist the Taliban Aiyaz Khaiyum. The demise of Bainimarama and Khaiyum has already been plotted and is ready to be executed and we should be appreciative that there are some brave men who are prepared to put this plan together. These are Army Officers, Police officers and sergeants from various Police posts and operations with the inclusion of NIB. If you are a Fijian and the blood and ways of Fijian protocol is strong in your veins, this is the time to stand up, be bold, be strong and be ready to act for the sake of our children, the safekeeping of our land and its resources, which Bainimarama and Khaiyum have gained millions for from descendants of communists and China.


In a not too distant future, His Excellency the President and Commander in Chief of the Military Forces will be announcing the removal of the Bainimarama Government and remove him from his position as Commander and one named in his place, a new Commissioner of Police, new Land Force Commander, new Navy Commander, new Commissioner of Prisons and a new cabinet chosen from the people to take us to elections in 2012.

Plan 1.

The president has been cemented in his position and he has executive authority over the land and he has advised that no one is to try and cause instability amongst the populace. They must respect the leadership in their place of work and they have the right to maintain harmony. His Excellency’s letter has already been circulated within the Police and Military Forces

Plan 1.2

These plans have been put together by PSs, chosen business heads, church ministers, lawyers of the judiciary and Chiefs and representatives of the government who are here.

Plan 1.3

The decree has been drawn up and he (President) is using his power to remove Bainimarama’s cabinet for the reason that he hid all his cunning transaction he conducted with Khaiyum and the corrupt practices they undertook within the government.

Plan 1.4

National censorship to be conducted August during second school term to January 2012.
Choosing the Constituency Boundary’s Commission at the completion of the censorship.
Choosing the Constitution Commission, review the 1997 Constitution and points that will promote progress and harmony from the People’s Charter to be entered. 

Time June 2011-May 2012

Choosing of Election committee to enter “one man vote” in the new Constitution. June 2011-May 2012

Plan 1.5

Removal of PER and restoration of basic human rights.
Restore Media freedom.
Invitation to Australia, New Zealand, UN to advise and help finance the election
Open Fiji to the International Community for Trade and Tourism
This is part one and YOU are invited to take part in bringing this new change.


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