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Roko Ului Mara's Aunt Now in Firing Line

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 21 May 2011


Retaliatory forces are at play with the regime now reported to be going after anyone connected with former senior military officer, Roko Ului Mara. Insiders say the regime have frozen the bank accounts of his aunt, Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Roko Tui Dreketi.

CID is also currently “interviewing” the following: Dolores Mara, Roko Ului Mara’s wife; Adi Koila Ganilau, her husband, Tim Mcbride, and at least four other individuals.

McBride is accused of being the surfer who accompanied Roko Ului Mara out to Kadavu. It's believed CID have said they don't have any evidence, so can't charge anyone but Frank Bainimarama has insisted someone be charged before the end of today.

HARASSED: Adi Koila and Tim McBride

VASITI RITOVA wrote the story below yesterday for the Bula Tribune, detailing the harassment the Mara family is currently experiencing. 

CALIFORNIA, USA (Friday, 05/20/2011) - Adi Ateca Mara-Ganilau was visited by six soldiers at their Tamavua home this morning and asked to get into a waiting army vehicle to go in for questioning.

She is the fourth member of the chiefly Mara Family to undergo harassment at the hands of the Fiji Military since her younger brother smashed a hole into Fiji's security net and was picked up by a Royal Tongan naval ship last weekend. 

Adi Ateca, eldest daughter of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, founding father of modern Fiji, and the late Ro Lady Lala Mara, paramount chief of Burebasaga, gave the soldiers an ear-rubbing lecture.

Soldiers sheepishly fronted up at the Ganilau home in Tamavua and were shocked to be confronted by Adi Ateca herself. She was asked to give up her cellfone and go in for questioning.

She told them sternly that if anyone wanted to take her cellfone away and question her too, it will have to be Bainimarama himself or the Commissioner of Police Lt/Col Iowane Naivalurua.

It's believed this is a tactic employed by Bainimarama's regime to try and cut off the Mara Family's access to Roko Ului in Tonga. Roko Ului has said this week he keeps in touch with his family and his wife's arrest caused him distress.

Also in the line of the military fire is Dolores Mara, wife of Fiji-declared fugitive Col Tevita Uluilakeba (Roko Ului) Mara, who was taken in two days ago, after she was arrested at Nausori Airport for trying to send her husband a bag of clothes on a Tonga-bound Air Pacific flight. It's believed Ms Mara is undergoing some family counselling regarding her ordeal.

The couple's assets have now been frozen by Bainimarama's regime and Ms Mara's movements restricted.

Also taken in on Wednesday night was Roko Ului's cousin, Ratu Raivalita Laifone, son of Ratu Sir Kamisese's brother Ratu Laifone. Ratu Raivalita is Operations Manager for Lau Shipping Ltd, of which Roko Ului is Chairman.

Soldiers also picked up Adi Koila Ganilau, daughter of Adi Ateca and Ratu Epeli Ganilau, and forcibly took her to her Pacific Harbour home two days ago and had her house ransacked. It's believed Roko Ului spent a lot of his spare time at the young Ganilau's home in Pacific Harbour, a rural country area several kilometers off Suva.

Ganilau has been fronting up at the police station daily for further questioning.

The first house soldiers targeted as soon as Roko Ului released his first video on You Tube last Saturday, at mid-day local time, was that of another of his elder sisters, Adi Litia Mara-Dugdale, along Ratu Cakobau Road. The Dugdales live across the road from Gordon House, the official residence of the British High Commissioner, and the headquarters of the Fiji Public Service Commission atop Albert Park.
Meanwhile, Royal household staffers in the Kingdom of Tonga told this journalist that Queen Mata'aho paid Roko Ului a visit at Polata'ane House on Thursday.

"He is being looked after well by everyone," they say.


Anonymous said...

there are lots of coconuts stories comming from none of anyone can helped those stop.coz the regime makes da rules.and it's very understanding.for anyone in fiji. why Mr. Mara did's comming to the world knowledge. that the dictator is ruling fiji.n his puppet is doing the writing.n people have no speaks or do anything. coz they wil pick and takes them in jail. for what they trying to speaks .harresing Mara's famalies that's not the answer for the problems n for the daily lifes of people in fiji.talking to some Indian fro fiji hee. their kaiyummm. they all support him. plus fiji don't know his really name on the Indian community.they named. him Mega Billioner. from Bainimarama .but none of any fijian know his nickname.this harresment's of families should stop.n gets to the right tracks of the goverment.

Anonymous said...

The FIJI MARA family confusions, gossips are indoctrinated by Vasiti Badidi Ritova.

Vasiti Badidi Ritova,whose address seems to be California ,USA; is supposed to be writing from California,USA state address-is she trying to impersonate the Governor of California for using the State address may I ask? Is she ashamed to identify her address where she is residing? I learnt last night that she is a caregiver labourer who is also writing for a very weak toddler try-hard Fijian paper in America that writes news about caregivers; since she and her Fijian caregivers-friends sociallise within their caregiving community and share Fijian village gossips and gutter-level unbelievable lies about other people.

Her bold writings about the Mara family is questionable? As a Fijian and a Lauan,I question what authority has she as a Western-side Fijian,with no blood ties to the place to be the mouthpiece for the Mara family? The Mara family members do not need to resort to Vasiti’s gutter level sharings too. Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau { Mrs Kepa} and Jessie Sikivou, the two who were looking for someone to pay for Vasiti Badidi Ritova’s plane to the USA last year for the three to try and fetch some fabricated traditional relic are nowhere to be seen.Were they all just trying to get to the USA on some other peoples’ dimes?

Anonymous said...

Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau Kepa is no perfect woman. She is an instigator of aggression and anti-Governmentism in Fiji. Foreign Governments beware, she is trying to leach from any Government’s coffers.Some people cannot survive on their own .They need the Government coffers to rely on.

Adi Koila Ganilau McBride was and is notorious as a pupil of Adi Cakobau School. She was and continues to be a rebel, thinks she knows it all, was and is known as a habitual liar in the circles she circulates in. Adi Koila Ganilau McBride, is a habitual borrower,borrowing money from anyone she knows.Her borrowing can even be proved by Fiji’s present Government when without any collateral she borrowed hundreds of thousands of Fiji dollars from the Fiji Development Bank which she has not as yet repaid.Typical. Fiji Government should hold her accountable since she is trying to run away to some country like Tonga without paying her loans in Fiji.

Actually, the anti-blogs about the Government of Fiji by Vasiti Badidi Ritova are sourced from those who are ill exposed about what is actually happening and wha had happened.

The FIJI MARA family gossips and confusions are indoctrinated by Vasiti Badidi Ritova.

Do Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau Kepa and Adi Koila Ganilau McBride want the present Government in Fiji to call on former Prime Minister,Brigadier General Sitiveni Rabuka and his YAVATO findings group to unveil all the amount of money that was misused and misspent by Mara during his leadership days together with his brother in law and then Deputy Prime Minister,David Toganivalu?

Anonymous said...

It is just funny that once they were all buddies and they were together in making fiji a better nation than all of a sudden they are all turning against one another..Its kinda funny on a certain level because we the fiji citizens just don't want to do or say anything, we just want to sit back and watch the show. There was a time when we were just sitting back and seeing the coup take place and now we are still sitting back to see the so called "powerful cooperation" of very significant people come to tatters..LMAO...:P

Kumala Loa said...

@ Anonymous,

Don't you have anything constructive to contribute to this forum other than personally attacking Vasiti Ritova? Be a real Fijian and speak your mind about the real situation in Fiji.

Voreqe and his illegal regime are stealing from the coffers of the State. How can he deserve a $700k salary for a small country like Fiji? Qori na levu ni butako kei na kocokoco, ka sa mai ceburaka tiko o Roko Ului. na levu ni lasu sa tu vua. Why can't he disclose his real pay? He has not dared to because he knows it is true.

Please talk to the real issues. Don't be like Ratu from Cologne, whose comments have been deleted for being abusive and rude!

Vasiti is just reporting the news as she is able to with the heavy censoring going on in Fiji. What exactly is Vore afraid of? The Truth nothing else and it will slowly and surely destroy him and his illegal regime.

Moce toka mada...

Anonymous said...

Vasiti Badidi Ritova speaks of Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau {Mrs.Kepa},as a woman of high prsestige when those who personally know Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau {Mrs Kepa} remember her being penalised @ the University of the South Pacific as a student in the early 1970s because she continued to sleep with Francis Saemala , a Solomon Island student, in the Men’s dormitories when it was banned for women students to do so. Then Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau Kepa’s weekend stints at RKS and the Officers’ Mess @ Fiji Military Headquarters of course Vasiti Badidi Ritova does not know.

Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau [Mrs Kepa} as we know her is a Primary School teacher trained at Corpus Christi College in Fiji in the 1960s . She tried University in the 1970s but her immoral behaviour disallowed her to continue her studies. Maybe she returned to study at USP later in the 90s someone said last week. She is from a chiefdom that is overrated in Fiji judging from her ill-written book about her being a princess. Woman, Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Tuisawau Kepa, there is no princess in Fiji. A chief is no princess , a nobel maybe.

Adi Va
Cologne, GERMANY

Anonymous said...

Finally someones doing something right and we must all support Roko Ului Mara and rally behind this bravious turn around. Frank, Kaiyumm (kulia) and Naivalurau have too be put down, they need to be assesinated, we can do this nothing is impossible, lets fuel the flame of redumption.....

Vasiti Ritova (Badidi) said...

Bula vinaka Di Va from Cologne, Germany.

I just stumbled upon this today.

Thank you for your commentary on Ro Teimumu and me.

You are very committed. Thank you.

Vasiti Ritova (Badidi) said...

And Di Va,

I don't need to know Ro Teimumu's shortcomings - she is a human being too and has lived her life, just like you...

Vinaka vakalevu for your commentaries; you are right in saying I don't know about her USP days. I don't know and I don't want to know and I don't care...Vinaka vakalevu!

And you are right in saying I am not related to the Maras but I am a Journalist and have a brain to call Adi Koila and Adi Ateca for my stories...journalists are from all over the world and we do our work with commitment so that we can carry on with our lives as Journalists. And I don't even want to be related to them because I am from Ra and proud of my identity as a kai Ra from the Burning West. They are newsmakers and Journalists go after those who make the news...

Yes I do Caregiving to earn extra money on the side...I have two children to look after my dear...people know that I do that and I own a newspaper that writes all sorts of stories, not just on Caregiving... I have not concealed the fact that I do that...why should I? You can tell Chancellor Merkel that and I will not bat an's an honorable job and it pays well...Vinaka.

BTW, do i know you? never mind, I don't have to know...this is a free world...

Kasanita said...

Anonymous aka Di Va of Cologne, Germany? Who might that be? Why anonymous?