Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roko Ului Mara To Face Further Charge as Fiji's Military Regime Gets Scared

Posted by Coup Four Point Five - 11 May 2011

Moles: Mara to face a second charge and Fiji police woefully equipped to deal with riot situation 

HUDDLES: Naivalurua and Kean. 

Insiders say the regime hasn't finished with Roko Ului Mara yet: they say the former 3FIR commander is to be further charged, this time over spending without following tender procedures and giving some five million dollars of business to Crown imports in 2010. 

Sources also say publicity of the plan to remand Mara and Pita Driti in custody while they wait their trial has forced police commander Ioane Naivalurua to back off, for the time being. 

Both Mara and Driti were last week charged with sedition, with Driti incurring the extra charge of inciting mutiny against Frank Bainimarama. 

Sources say, though, that the army, navy and the police are still poised for any any trouble and have gone into amber alert as the regime faces its biggest hurdle since the 2006 coup. 

But insiders have also revealed the 700-strong Fiji Police is embarrassingly less than prepared for a challenge from civilians, let alone rebel troops. They say the force is woefully ill-equipped and lacks basic resources like spare uniforms, handcuffs with officers outrageously using expired pepper spray. 

The pepper sprays are said to have expired in 2009 yet policing crews are still carrying them around and are expected to use them. Sources say the sprays could prove very dangerous if turned on civilians, eg in a riot situation or even when trying to break up a fight as it can cause permanent blindness. 
Informers also say almost 90% of police officer are without any handcuffs or protective gear when they head out to patrol the streets. According to one officer: "The standard equipments of the Fiji Police are either not in stock, expired or not being purchased because there is no money." 

The source says it's been a general practice of police officers who don't have any equipment NOT to respond to crimes in progress. 
A rumor has, meanwhile, surfaced that Bainimarama's brother-in-law, Francis Kean, could be the next police commissioner, with Bainimarama sidelining Naivalurua. 

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, who Coupfourpointfive revealed yesterday as betraying Mara and Driti and turning state witness despite allegedly being involved in discussions to topple Bainimarama, is being talked off again in connection with an overseas post. 


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